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Taxi Intercity

If you need to make long-distance business trip - first of all, you need to take care of the car. First, determine for themselves the importance of this trip. Remember: the class of your vehicle will be judged on your firm's capabilities, and you as its representative.

The calculation of the distance


For starters learn the distance and then multiplied by the rate selected by the vehicle class. When ordering a taxi Intercity Moscow trip "round-trip" wait until 2 hours for free!

No hidden fees, no!

In addition, it is necessary to exclude in advance all the prerequisites for trouble. The car - a complex mechanism, which may at any time break. This can not be allowed. Because of how quickly and in what mood takes you, may depend on the result of the trip.

The conclusion from the foregoing one: the private car should be left in the garage, and wasted no time in vain, to order cars at the rate of long-distance taxi Moscow company Translux.

We will match you with a car that will fully comply with all conditions of operation: the quality of the roads on which you are going to go, the number of passengers and the remote destination. For example: on one road you can drive in a car of the middle class, and on the other - only the SUV. Make the right choice will help you to our professionals. The main thing - give us a call.

But that's not all. Among Translux you can order a car with a driver. Then all the problems of maintenance of the car will disappear by themselves. The driver will take care of all of the car.

5 criteria using the service on intercity taxi companies Translux

What criteria do you think should correspond to the service of passenger transport companies' long-distance taxi "? Let's draw a portrait of the ideal service and see if it meets your expectations.

First, the long-distance taxi service must comply with all safety standards. Under the security means guaranteed delivery of the passenger to the destination without making force majeure stops. To achieve safe intercity taxi service is possible due to a fully serviceable vehicle and the driver's experience, the ability to avoid a traffic accident on the way.

Self-respecting companies recruit the staff of experienced drivers is not the method of "transoms" and the way to a comprehensive study of the personality of the candidate. Here, the requirement to the driving experience, knowledge of the city and the surrounding area, the ability to get out of unforeseen situations, competent speech, communication skills, ability to learn. Only a man with such personal characteristics capable guaranteed to safely deliver passengers to their destinations. If you are faced with such drivers, it can be said with confidence that you have collaborated with a successful transport company.

Second, long-distance taxi service should be comfortable for the client. Comfortable interior, the presence of climate control and heated seats - all these are signs of a comfortable trip. If for human comfort was not important, he would have moved to public transport or the subway. A large number of people are willing to pay money for a comfortable ride.

Third, intercity taxi service should be available. Accessibility refers not only to the possibility of the customer at any time to order a taxi service Intercity and not worry about the delivery vehicle by the deadline. The price factor is also, for many people - potential consumers of services of passenger transport organizations - critical.

A successful company can withstand competition in the development of passenger transport market and can provide to its customers the most reasonable cost intercity taxi service.

Fourth, long-distance taxi service should be provided as soon as possible. Time - this is a very important resource. Agree, it is very important time to implement such a transfer to the airport or train station; time to deliver a customer at a business meeting, or even to meet with a girl! If the transport company is able to provide in-time service intercity taxi, it only testifies to its professionalism and quality performance of their duties.

Fifth, from the provided taxi service Intercity client should remain positive emotions that become involuntary acknowledgment of merits of the transport company. What does it mean? Customer remembered little things. When he was taken to their destination quickly, comfortably, safely and at a reasonable cost for it, then it belongs to such as proper.

Driver respecting passenger transport companies within the service intercity taxi always greet and say goodbye to the customer wish a good day, will help to bring bags, open the door when entering and exiting the vehicle. It is precisely because of those little things that a client will remember, about which he share his emotions with people close to him.

In cooperation with the company Translux, you can count on to provide long-distance taxi service corresponding to the above specifications. The years of productive work have allowed our customers to provide the usual high-quality service, which in the minds of some people seems perfect.

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