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The price for the rental of cars with driver

If you are involved in a difficult situation, for example, in a hurry somewhere, and your own car repairs or just in a hurry to the airport, do not waste time on the disorder - call the company "Translux". We will offer you the best solution in this situation - Car rental with driver.

"Translux" rent a car at an affordable price - just fill in


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Economy class

Business class

Executive class


How it works

Choosing a car

You choose car, book it over the phone or online
5 minute
2-3 minutes


We update the data and make out documents


We coordinate the place and time of submission of the car
2-3 minutes
15 minute


Our driver will give the car to the specified location without delay

Minimum order 2 1 hours + hour supply.
CarHourly car rentalMinimum order (2 + 1)Number of Passengers
Ford Focus700 rub / hour21003
Renault Logan700 rub / hour21003
Renault Duster700 rub / hour21003
Skoda Octavia700 rub / hour21003
Minimum order 2 1 hours + hour supply.
CarHourly car rentalMinimum order (2 + 1)Number of Passengers
Ford Mondeo750 rub / hour22503
Toyota Camry800 rub / hour24003
Mazda 6800 rub / hour24003
Nissan Teana800 rub / hour24003
Toyota Camry NEW!900 rub / hour27003
Kia Optima 2018900 rub / hour27003
Mercedes E 212 (to restyling)1000 rub / hour30003
BMW 51000 rub / hour30003
Mercedes E 212 black / white (restyling)1100 rub / hour33003
Mercedes AMG E2131200 rub / hour36003
Executive Class
Minimum order 3 1 hours + hour supply.
CarHourly car rentalMinimum order (3 + 1)Number of Passengers
Mercedes S-class (221) black / white.1500 rub / hour60003
Toyota Land Cruiser 2002000 rub / hour80003
Mercedes S-class (222)2100 rub / hour84003
Bentley Continental FS3500 rub / hour140003
Mercedes W222 MAYBACH3000 rub / hour120003
Mercedes W222 MAYBACH light saloon3000 rub / hour120003
Minimum order 4 1 hours + hour supply.
CarHourly car rentalMinimum order (4 + 1)Number of Passengers
Hyundai Grand Starex900 rub / hour36007
Mercedes Sprinter1200 rub / hour600017-20
Mercedes Sprinter Lux1400 rub / hour700020
Mercedes Viano1100 rub / hour55007
Mercedes V-class1500 rub / hour75006
  • for car rental prices are without VAT

Renting a car for rent is our main specialization. Your attention is a wide choice of cars, both executive and business class. Dozens of legal entities already deserved We appreciated the high level transport services company "Translux", becoming our regular customers.

car delivery cost for rent we have one of the most democratic in Moscow. Our staff drivers have the highest qualifications and are well-versed in the Russian capital. Thus, renting a car with a driver will allow you to raise corporate prestige, ensure the comfort of movement and punctuality. And all this at a fairly reasonable cost of renting a car with a driver.

Obvious benefits:

Renting a car with a driver in Moscow is an opportunity to avoid dozens of unpleasant situations associated with driving in such a megalopolis as the Russian capital. And both predicted and force majeure. In order to better understand the significance of such transportation services, let us consider a number of examples when renting a car with a driver really saved the situation.

The urgency of the lease car with a driver in Moscow is very well understood in the companies - legal entities. Successful business - is a constant movement, not only in the figurative, but literal sense. Travel, business meetings, inspection of industrial facilities - this is not an exhaustive list, which may need to rent or hire a car with driver.

For example, you are the head of a company that has identified prospects for expanding business - investors or large potential business partners showed interest in you. Naturally, they will want to see your production, trade complexes or other objects of your economic interests. In this case, the rental of the vehicle will be required. Having a VIP class machine will make it possible to emphasize that you are a successful person, and rather, investors need you, not you. Accordingly, you get a psychological advantage by discussing the price of a cooperation agreement.

The same effect is achieved by renting vip car with a driver, when you come to a business meeting. Let's say this is the first introduction to potential business partners. And you as a fleet, though sturdy, but business class cars. But worst of all, if at this moment, transport is being repaired. Come to a meeting in a taxi - is known to damage the image. It is always meet on clothes. In the clothes of a commercial relationship becomes a class car.

By the way, significant differences taxi from the lease is a method of calculating the cost of services and the ability to dispose of the vehicle. As you know, the price of taxi services is calculated from the mileage and the cost of renting a car with driver - hourly. Thus, you are free to order a car with a driver at any given time and you will know exactly how much it will cost.

Order a vehicle in the company "Translux" - the key to your success!


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