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Moscow and St. Petersburg sets the bar high, and all around. Organize a celebration worthy of the level is not easy, and the preparation of a wedding convoy requires special tact, sense of style and the famous swing. To cope with this task will help car hire.

To solemn newlyweds leaving turned out spectacular and elegant, it is necessary to observe a number of rules:

Rent a car:

one class, one color or colors in harmony, roomy enough to the bride and groom and the guests in festive toilets feel comfortable.

car decoration

Decorate cars in total style. If the wedding is thematic, decorate the car in accordance with the theme chosen for the celebration.

External view of the driver

Take care of the appearance of the drivers. Ideal - chauffeurs in uniform.

Business class

Executive class


"Translux" understands the importance of events for honeymooners and therefore offers to go to a wedding in the VIP-car category. Always ready to exit the elite model of the most famous brands: Bentley, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW and Audi. Inside, all of these machines the traditional walk Suite acquire a special charm and is perfectly comfortable. To transport guests "Translux" offers two options.

Hire a few cars
business class with drivers
Rent a van or bus
Minimum order 4 1 hours + hour supply.
CarHourly car rentalShuttle, rubMinimum order (4 + 1)Number of Passengers
Toyota Camry1000 rub / hour500050003
Toyota Camry NEW!1300 rub / hour650065003
Nissan Teana1000 rub / hour500050003
BMW 51500 rub / hour750075003
Kia Optima 20181300 rub / hour650065003
Mercedes E 212 black / white (restyling)1600 rub / hour800080003

Mercedes AMG E213

1700 rub / hour850085003

Mercedes E213 (white)

2000 rub / hour1200012000 (min. 5 + 1h)3
Executive Class
Minimum order 5 1 hours + hour supply.
CarHourly car rentalTransfers Minimum order (5 + 1)Number of Passengers
Mercedes S-class (221) black1700 rub / hour10200102003
Toyota Land Cruiser 2002500 rub / hour15000150003
Mercedes S-class (222) black2500 rub / hour15000150003
Mercedes S222 white3500 rub / hour21000210003
Mercedes W222 MAYBACH3500 rub / hour21000210003
Mercedes W222 MAYBACH light saloon3500 rub / hour21000210003
Bentley Continental FS black3400 rub / hour1360013600 (min. 3 + 1h)3
 Minimum order 6 hours + 1 hour of delivery.
CarHourly car rentalShuttle, rubMinimum order (6 + 1)Number of Passengers
Mercedes Sprinter Lux1700 rub / hour119001190020
Mercedes Sprinter1500 rub / hour105001050017-20
Hyundai Grand Starex1300 rub / hour910091007
Mercedes Viano1400 rub / hour980098007
Mercedes V-Class1700 rub / hour11900119006
  • for car rental prices are without VAT

7 evidence machinery rental benefits "Translux"

Before you book a car for a wedding, the client has the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize themselves with offers of the company and find out what services are provided and what is their value.

Any advice to managers provide free, tactful, friendly and with impeccable attention to the needs and wishes of the customer. The result is a perfect motorcade.

The park consists of luxury cars, allowing a pleasant time even during long journeys.

Car rental for wedding is possible with the drivers. This eliminates a lot of problems with families who organize holiday - parents of the newlyweds and the bride and groom themselves do not have to worry about how guests will get to the celebration site and back.

Rentals are offered not only cars VIP-class, but also the low cost options, so the firm meets the needs of all customers.

Cars for weddings available at affordable cost, even pleasant for the residents of the capital. Hourly pay - extra costs are excluded.

Unconditional punctual drivers and managers - is a guarantee of compliance with the timetable for a wedding motorcade route.