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Rent a car Moscow


It is not easy for a person who is accustomed to travel comfortably and to be mobile without a personal car. An alternative would be to use public transport. But in this case, the work schedule will have to be adjusted to the timetables of buses and trains, spending their own energy on trips and transfers. You can also use a taxi, but it does not always make it on time. The most efficient alternative would be to rent a car. Moscow is a metropolis where car rental services are very popular among many categories of the population. In particular, our company "TransLux" offers to rent a car in Moscow on a short and long term basis.

One of the priorities of the company "Translux" is a rental car with driver. Every year there is an increase in the popularity of this service. For our compatriots, the question of having our own transport is quite acute. Having a car gives its owner a feeling of comfort and confidence. The need for a car arises often. For example, your car is under repair or you are just going to buy a car, and you need it now and immediately. Being on a business trip, with the help of a car you can settle your business matters. Its presence will allow not to be late for meetings, meetings, negotiations and other important events.

Also our company is often contacted to rent a car in Moscow for servicing solemn events: weddings, anniversaries, corporate holidays. Using the car rental service, you will not care about the passage of planned vehicle inspections and monitor the health of various parts of the machine.

Rent a car in our company ensures that you get a perfectly prepared to exit the vehicle: clean on the outside and in the cabin, in excellent condition.

Renting a car in Moscow will be the right choice in the case when you need to meet a high-ranking guest. For such special situations, we offer the best luxury cars for VIPs. If you can not drive up to the airport yourself, just call us and we'll send the driver on a rented car for a meeting. Our services will allow you to show the guests the capital in all its glory. The drivers of the company are very polite and punctual, they will wait for you near the car if you want to stay near some city sights and take a few photos for memory.

Short-term (hourly) rentals of vehicles with a driver from "Translux"

Short-term car rental in our capital is a demanded service due to its practicality and simplicity. Some people need a vehicle for business trips, others for shopping trips, and still others for excursions. Accordingly, in these cases, the optimal solution would be to select a specific class of car. It is better to go on a business trip by a business class or executive car, for shopping it will be enough to have an economy class car, but if the excursion is calculated for a large group of people, it will be better if all of them are accommodated in a comfortable minibus.

The company "Translux" offers to rent a car in Moscow, accompanied by an experienced driver. Each vehicle is equipped with air conditioning or climate control system, which is especially important during the warm season of the year.

Car rental with a driver for a few hours - a convenient service designed for customers free movement of avenues and streets of the capital.

Using our hourly car rental service, you can go to a business meeting, negotiation, meeting, date, go shopping and be sure that the personal driver will wait for the event to complete, the car will be waiting for you at the designated place.


The cost of short-term rental car with a driver

We strive to provide customers with quality service at a reasonable price. Therefore, a rental car can be ordered from us at a cost of 600 rubles per hour (economy class). At the same time, keep in mind that the minimum rental time in our company is 3 1 hours + hour to deliver a car and sending it to the parking lot.

Nevertheless, the most favorable offers, special conditions and discounts are waiting for customers when ordering a car rental for a long time. More details about this you can ask our managers.

When ordering hourly vehicle hire service with the crew, you can save time and money, to solve business issues and quietly go on personal business in the capital.

Also, using the services provided by you will be able to make a positive impression on their partners or subordinates.

Working in the market of transport services over 10 years, we can guarantee high quality of service and timeliness of submission of the car to the customer. An experienced driver will take into account your requirements and take you to the right place without delay, and no accidents.

Long-term car rental in "TransLux"

Our company - one of the leading transportation companies, offering to take the long-term car rental in Moscow.

In "Translux" cars available for rent along with a professional driver services, and long-term lease involves cooperation on more advantageous terms for the client.

The company has a wide fleet of popular models of the foreign car industry. To your attention automobiles economy, business and VIP- (executive) of the class. Everyone can choose the model of the machine, on the basis of the rental purpose, their own tastes and budget.

Imagine this: You do not care about the technical condition of the car or on the insurance and refueling. All this is our concern. You are only required to make payment in a timely manner according to the rate and enjoy our service. Please note that additional charges for the use of toll highways and parking in the paid parking the client makes his own expense.

Long-term lease of vehicles most often used by large and medium-sized companies which have a need for transport services of their employees. For this purpose, you can choose any car - from economy class to executive. Long-term rental cars as official use of "Translux" provide customers with the necessary comfort, even during long journeys. Undoubtedly, the company, which will take advantage of our offer, to save on transportation costs article.


Why rent a car in Moscow on a long term basis "Translux"

  1. Long-term lease does not require significant expenditures from the budget of the company. It is much cheaper to rent vehicles rather than buying them and then spend money on maintenance of the fleet.
  2. We are working in a legitimate legal framework for the provision of vehicles for long-term rental services conclude a formal agreement with the customer. This will protect you in case of emergencies.
  3. "Translux" Company cooperates with authorized dealers for the sale and servicing of cars, so you can be sure of serviceability provided rental cars in Moscow.

How to use our services?

To order the necessary service in our company, just call the manager by contact phone or fill out a special application form on the site and send it.

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