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What is your tax system?
We are able to work both with VAT 20% (OSNO), and without VAT (STS)
What legal form do you have, are you an individual entrepreneur, LLC or joint-stock company?
We are LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Does the website price include VAT?
Tariffs on the site are indicated without VAT
Actual prices on the site, for which cities?
Prices on the site are relevant for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Tariffs in other cities are requested additionally.
How old is your company?
We have been working in the transport market for more than 14 years.
Where is your office and how to find you?
Our main office is located in Moscow at the address: Volgogradsky Prospect d.2 (1 min. Walk m. Proletarskaya)
Why the answer to the left application in 23.00 was received only in 09.00 of the next day. When is it indicated on the site that you are working around the clock and the application will be processed within 15 minutes?
Services are provided by 24 / 7, applications are accepted during office hours: from 09.00 to 19.00. Applications received later than 19.00 are processed the next day.
Do you rent a car without experience?
We provide car rental services with a driver. Car rental services are not provided.
Why do not you accept applications orally?
Consultations are carried out orally on all issues regarding transport services. Applications are accepted in writing to avoid errors, misunderstandings regarding the city of service, date, time of filing, place of filing, routes, etc. An application can be made through an online order on our website or by sending an application letter by e-mail.
Why travel outside the MKAD / KAD is paid extra if the total mileage is less than if there were trips inside the MKAD / KAD?
The work zone is any address inside the Moscow Ring Road - for Moscow and for St. Petersburg - the address inside the Ring Road. Suburb is paid extra.
We want to book a transfer, but a mandatory requirement is a meeting with a sign. Do you come across a sign?
Yes, we meet with a sign both at the airport at the exit of the flight, and at the station near the carriage. This service is provided free of charge. Since parking at the airport / train station is paid, the costs of paid parking are paid extra.
What is a transfer and what is the difference between a transfer and a minimum order of an economy class car?
Transfer is a service that includes the delivery of a passenger from point A to point B. It can be a meeting from the airport / train station to the city or seeing off to the airport / train station, it can also be a transfer from one address to another in the city. The transfer fee is fixed. Transfer to economy class cars, includes up to 1 hours of free waiting at the airport. The minimum order within the city (inside the MKAD) is 2 hours of work + 1 hours for the delivery and return of the car. When ordering a car rental service with a driver, the number of addresses is unlimited within the paid time, trips beyond the Moscow Ring Road are paid extra.
Prices for transport services listed on the site include parking?
The prices on the site are current, and they include fuel and lubricant expenses and driver work. Paid parking lots, toll roads and exits beyond the MKAD are paid extra.
Do you serve foreign delegations? Do you provide English speaking drivers?
One of the main areas is the services of delegations, events, and forums. English-speaking drivers are provided at the auto business and premium classes for free.
We are a legal entity and are preparing an event in St. Petersburg. We need help in organizing transfers both in cars and large minibuses. Total 280 people.
Yes, we serve events of various scales and have the necessary experience for this.
I want to fill out an application and pay for my colleagues, only I have a foreign card. Do you accept payment by foreign card?
Yes, you can pay with a foreign bank card. When placing an online car order, in the payment section, select payment by a foreign card.
What payment methods are possible?
You can pay by bank transfer by invoicing a legal entity (with VAT and without VAT); by credit card of both the Russian Federation and foreign; make an advance payment in the amount of a minimum order by card, pay the rest in cash.
Can I pay the driver in cash in full?
We work on a prepaid basis. If you want to pay in cash, you must pay the minimum order for the car to confirm the application, and the entire remaining amount can be paid in cash to the driver.
We want to get the cost of services on a long-term basis
In the "long-term rental" section you will find several ready-made solutions for calculating the cost of economy and business classes at 8,10,12 working hours. If you have a different schedule or class of car, send a request, we will prepare an individual commercial offer for you.
We want to rent a car with a driver for a wedding. What is the difference between wedding rates and standard ones?
Wedding events are served at wedding rates, which can be found in the "wedding cars" section. To reserve a car, you must send an application in advance, the requested car is assigned to you. Next, a contract is concluded and the service is paid in any way convenient for you: remotely or in our office. The price of wedding services includes: delivery of a car to the delivery address, driver's services, refueling, washing of the car body and passenger compartment, prolongation is allowed. Wedding rates and business service rates are different. A wedding rate includes more expenses than a business service. For a wedding event, the car is reserved exclusively for you with a possible extension. Due to this, if you have an unexpected extension, then the selected tariff will allow you to prolong the time you use the car, you will not encounter a situation that you have run out of time and the car must go to another order. Dry cleaning is done before and after the car, since after the wedding service the salon remains in sparkles, petals. Auto refuel in advance, the driver at the pick-up point arrive a few minutes earlier. Dress code for drivers is respected. Car decoration is paid extra.
What are the conditions for renting a car for a wedding?
Car reservation is made, a wedding service contract is concluded, the service is paid. Closer to the date, the data of the car and driver are reported. The service is in progress. 
We want to order a business day 8 hours, trips will be around the city and ending at the airport, the price remains the same?
Business day is valid only in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road, trips outside the Moscow Ring Road and paid parking are paid extra. In this case, the business day rate is maintained. Departure to the airport is additionally paid according to the tariff. 
Where can I find a price list on your site?
The price list for classes, car brands, transfer cost and minimum order can be found in the "transfer" section
Do you have passenger insurance?
Yes. Compulsory insurance of civil liability of the passenger carrier (OSGOP) for causing harm to the life, health and property of passengers is available.
For the office you need a car with a driver. Dress code in your company?
The dress code is respected. We also take into account the wishes of the customer.
What year are your cars and what colors of cars do you have?
Our cars are not older than three years. Cars in our park are black, white, gray.
What are your discounts, promotions?
Business day service is available at a discounted rate. With a large amount of work, the size of the discounts is considered individually.
What is a business day and how is it different from hourly billing?
A business day is a transport service performed within the MKAD at a discounted rate, including 8,10 or 12 business hours. In the business day service, car delivery is free. The business day service is purchased in batches and cannot be adjusted when using a car less than declared. Hourly billing - using a car for any number of working hours (from a minimum order or more) at which 1 hour of car delivery is paid.

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