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Transport services in the transportation of goods St Petersburg


Transportation of goods by road has a number of advantages compared with other species. In particular, the car - the most maneuverable mode of transport, with which you can carry baggage "from door to door" without unnecessary operations.

The main specialization of our company is car rental with a driver, but at the same time we provide related transport services: transportation of goods in St. Petersburg, delivery of important correspondence, etc. 

For customer service - experienced drivers that will not only take you to the right place, but also to help with the loading of luggage and transport it on the desired address.

We carry out cargo transportation with providing a full package of documents on the transported goods.

Transport services in the transportation of goods St Petersburg our company

Provide quality goods transport services can only reliable companies with extensive experience in logistics and a sufficient amount of resources needed.

Transport company "Translux" fully meets these criteria and is worthy of the contractor to fulfill your order.

Working quickly and professionally, the staff of our transport companies daily make their contribution to the business development of our clients. We understand that only by responsible and conscientious approach, cooperation with the users of transport services will be fruitful. Unlike many of our competitors, we are trying to do everything possible in our power to keep prices at a minimum level for the consumer, delighting customers a flexible pricing policy.

Information on the cost of all operations related to the transportation of goods is provided to our customers. They have the right to know what their money is being spent on.

Transportation of goods through the territory of St. Petersburg requires the use of special transport, capable of ensuring the integrity and safety of products.

In the presence of the company "Translux" there is a wide range of vehicles prepared for transportation of oversized cargo. The courier service has already been used by many of our customers, who were satisfied with the quality of this transport service. 

There are a number of reasons why you should book transport services transportation of goods in our company:

  • Own transport fleet with experienced drivers for freight and passenger transportation in the city.
  • Available tariffs for cargo transportation services.
  • Each car of our company is exemplary: maintained in perfect technical condition and presentation.  
  • Different models of vans and minibuses, among which «Mercedes Sprinter Lux», «Mercedes Viano», «Ford Transit», «Hyundai Grand Starex» and others.
  • Reliable and fast freight.
  • Manage and track the delivery status of each individual load.

In St. Petersburg, transport services for the carriage of goods are produced in the right quantities: small office / residential relocations using low-tonnage vehicles, for different groups of food and industrial goods bought trucks.

Every single type of luggage requires selection of individual transport, meeting deadlines and conditions of delivery to the specified address.

If you are interested in the express delivery of oversized cargo, our motor vehicles as minivans and minibuses will be able to implement it at the highest level, without violating the terms.

Company "Translux" pricing policy can be called democratic. We are always ready to offer the customer the cooperation on more favorable terms when confirming the intentions of the long-term partnership.

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