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Vehicle care of tourists in Saint Petersburg


Passenger transport plays an important social role, as it can meet one of the most important human needs - the need for mobility. The company "Translux" offers a transport service of tourists in St. Petersburg for many years, during this time has earned the trust of many clients who visited the northern capital for tourism purposes.

Every person who needs transportation can choose a car on our website, based on their tastes and preferences. Choose a car, do not forget about the quality and economic characteristics of transport.

Passenger transportation is ordered for various purposes: personal, business, transfers, sightseeing, etc. A significant share in the transport of passengers by road is played by the transport services of tourists. In St. Petersburg there are many attractive places for visitors, and if you visited a city with a short visit, it is important to see and photograph as many outstanding objects as possible on the photo. Thanks to the transport of our company, you can expand your travel geography and see not only the beauty of the Northern capital, but also its nearest suburbs. For their movement, excursion groups of tourists order from us reliable and comfortable minibuses (Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Hyundai Grand Starex, etc.).


The number of companies that offer transport services of tourists in St. Petersburg, with each year is increasing. There is an increase not only the transport segment of the market, but the entire tourism infrastructure in general: opening new hotels, amusement parks, often the city on the Neva River receives international music festivals and tours of the stars of show business.

However, not every transport company is able to offer convenient terms of cooperation for its customers. In this area there are disputes and disagreements. Tourists are a very capricious clientele, and they can be understood: they have come to rest and deserve to spend their holidays in the most comfortable conditions. For many years of work, we have not had a single conflict situation, thanks to the impeccable service and a number of other advantages.

Transport care of tourists in Saint Petersburg from "Translux" - is:

  • Conveniently.

We are committed to providing a full range of travel services, regardless of the amount of transport required. Having a large fleet of cars, minivans and minibuses of foreign manufacture, we can solve almost any task. Guests of the city will not be late for the event, and the presentable view of the accompanying transport will create a positive emotional background for all passengers. We offer car hire of various types of cars, including prestigious brands, which in our country are classified as luxury. In addition to cars, we can order a minivan or minibus, which corresponds to the level of the event and the number of passengers. All vehicles are ideal for technical condition and aesthetic appearance.


  • Profitable.

To carry out uninterrupted transportation of a travel company you need to own your transport park. At the same time, she will need to spend far more than once, take over the costs associated with hiring additional personnel, servicing, storing and repairing cars. But there is another, more profitable solution - to conclude a cooperation agreement with the company "TransLux" on the transport services for tourists in St. Petersburg. This avoids all of the above costs and obtains the privileges of a regular customer who make cooperation even more profitable.

  • Safely.

Each time before departure to the customer company's drivers undergo a medical examination. We also pay great attention to the technical condition of vehicles. All this guarantees our customers maximum security services while traveling.

vehicle rental with driver - a service which is unlikely to lose its relevance in the near future. If you need to spend a tour of the St. Petersburg tourist group (up to 20 people), the optimal solution would be the order of minibus in our company. The cost of rent is very beneficial, especially if we make it recalculated for each passenger.

We are pleased to offer our customers high-quality transport services on long-term basis!

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