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Transport service
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LLC "Translux" provides transportation services in Moscow and St. Petersburg for organizations of any type in a convenient form 1 (a) a contract for the service - the whole range of transport services.

Transport services for companies:

car with a driver Hourly rent (cars, vans, buses)
The long-term car rental with driver
Transfer from and to the airport (either in Moscow and St. Petersburg) and meeting guests
Complex corporate services
All you need transportation services, even those that you do not plan to

Benefits of corporate services:

You do not need to have its own fleet of vehicles, especially if you are in another region
You can book a car for a day or a year, and it will be waiting for you exactly at the specified time
minimum of documents
1 contract for all services
any amount
We provide as many machines as you need
volume discounts
permanent and large customers - particularly advantageous terms
a large fleet of vehicles
if the car breaks down with us, we will provide more if you break - you have enough spare machines?

Transport services to nonresident entities - make your every visit to Moscow, the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg as convenient as possible.

You can be sure - our vehicles are always waiting for you at the right place at the appointed time, along with the transport service in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

With us is convenient to work!

Various payment options
Day and night seven days a week
Correct and punctual drivers
Execution of special orders
Motor Car, vans, buses
Extensive experience working with legal. individuals and large projects
No severe restrictions on travel distance

Personal account is on 1 year

Details on the organization of transport service can be found every day from 9: 00 to 19: 00 (MSK) (customer orders are executed around the clock)

Phone: + 7 (495) 649 07 59

Any transportation services for organizations - in one contract.
* Exception: the drivers are prohibited from violating traffic rules at the request or the request of the customer; drivers and passengers is prohibited smoking and drinking alcohol in all vehicles "Translux".
The company "Translux" for a long time provides a transport service companies. For all the time we have gained a reputation as a reliable partner of many major companies. The indicators of professionalism of our services are numerous positive testimonials and letters of thanks to customers.
Modern life in the city can not be imagined without transport services. For those who are far away from public transport, this problem is particularly acute. It can be solved only in two ways:

1. Forming its own fleet.

2. To resort to the services of a transport company.

However, in the first case, the organization will have to deduct considerable financial resources for the purchase of vehicles. Moreover, there will be added costs for car repairs, maintenance, parking, maintenance of mechanics and drivers. In addition, you will need to obtain a license that allows you to provide such services. If to give preference to the second option, then the organization will not face the above-described problems, since it signs a contract with the transport company. Our company "TransLux" will solve all transport problems for you.

Transport companies service. What types of services we offer?

travel or tour staff for a country holiday
business meetings
business trips
Airport Shuttle
transportation of employees to work
corporate events and meetings
conferences and seminars service
Courier services

The benefits of transport service companies from "Translux"

Own fleet with modern vehicles
Cars will be presented in an amount which will carry out an immediate and prompt delivery
Discounts for regular customers. Many companies have long realized how profitable it can be to use our services. They do not worry about the safe and timely delivery of business partners and employees.
Car presented cars of different categories: minivans, vans, light cars from economy to business class.
We have a license to provide passenger

In some cases, a transport service companies

A car with a driver - relevant and convenient service is in high demand in metropolitan areas. When calling for service to us, you save time and money.

Yet who is interested in cooperation with us?

Airport transfer. Our driver was on time and comfortable to bring you at any Moscow airport. Moreover, you can book the return transfer to the hotel, and the driver will meet you at the airport, holding a sign with your name on it.

Long term rental. In most cases, such services are ordered by those who are in long-term car repair. So you can in anything not to limit themselves and move around the capital with comfort, to determine the model of the car (you can select it directly on the site).

Cars for the wedding. Such an important and responsible action requires a perfect organization. We are willing to take the trouble of transportation services celebration, you can only decide on the car model and number.

Transport companies service. Long-term or hourly rental car with driver, transfer to the station or to the airport - we are ready to provide full range of services with good discounts. But at the same time you will need to sign a service contract.

Express delivery. With our help, you can make a surprise family or loved one by sending a gift or a bouquet of flowers by courier or deliver him important documents. In this case you can not worry that the delivery will not be made exactly at the specified time, safe and sound. Naturally, transport service companies may include a much larger list of services that we will provide on a professional level. For more information please contact our managers.

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