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Almost everyone at least once faced with a situation where road transport is needed, but the opportunity to sit behind the wheel was not, for various reasons in their lives. In order to avoid our company "Translux" such situations suggests to use the rental car with a driver. Leaving an application on our website or call directly to the office, you will be able to rent vehicles.

Passenger Transportation. Cooperation with legal entities

The largest flows of vehicles, of course, are observed in large cities. This feature is clearly visible in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Not all residents of these cities have cars, and work or an important meeting can be at a great distance from home. It is also often the case that prominent people come to the city: politicians, show business stars, famous cultural figures, etc. The main reasons why cars are rented from specialized transport companies are a natural mistrust of an ordinary taxi or a habit of good service and cars . Another reason for renting a vehicle is connected with large commercial companies that value their employees and specially order buses or minibuses. And this is not a novelty for foreign companies. After all, renting passenger transport to transport personal staff is an excellent option for many organizations. Getting your own minibus is a costly and ungrateful business.

The lease of passenger cars have many advantages. Firstly, you do not need to spend money on car repair, gas station, the protection and the constant search for a car park. And secondly, is not buying, and renting a car, you save a lot of money that can be spent more usefully. In particular, will feel a huge benefit organizations and companies that need trucks constantly.

For customers who require a car rental cars, our company offers a range of cars of different brands and classes. All vehicles undergo constant maintenance, and most of them - it is a new car.

Transportation classified into two types:

  • bus;
  • road.

Each car has its own characteristics and purpose. Cars are divided into three classes: Economy, Business and Executive. For transportation of large groups we offer minibuses. They have a higher level of comfort and are designed for different numbers of people. As a rule, this category of vehicles bought for airport transfers, weddings and corporate meetings

By renting a car, you can get to any part of the city or 50 km from the Moscow Ring Road. You can also order courier delivery. This service allows you to send important documents to the right place or a gift to a dear person.

The cost of renting vehicles for passenger traffic 

Pricing policy in every company can be different. Some companies require payment for mileage, the other as "Translux" during. And, as practice shows, the cost of renting cars during more favorable to the customer than for the distance traveled.

Rental cars Car economy class is 500 rubles on average per hour. The average cost of auto business class varies 700 rubles. The most expensive is a representative class of cars. This category includes luxury cars complete package - Mercedes, BMW, Bentley and others. The average cost varies 1300 rub. / Hour. Separately presented minibuses. More detailed information can be found by calling the above phone or watching the price list on our website.

In addition, our company provides various services, the cost of which is also different.   

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