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Intercity transfer Moscow - Pyatigorsk

Moscow - Pyatigorsk
SAFE AND COMFORTABLE than a taxi, bus, plane or train!
Especially in conditions where there is a risk of infection in public transport!
Intercity transfer Moscow - Pyatigorsk

Pyatigorsk is a resort town in the Stavropol Territory, open to many vacationers who come here from all regions of the country. This resort features unique mud healing baths and healing mineral waters. For this reason, it is included in the list of international balneological health resorts.

The most convenient, fast and comfortable way to get from Moscow to the resort city is to order transfer services by calling the TransLux transport company hotline. The operator will select the appropriate vehicle upon your request and work out the optimal route.

The service of a trip on a rented car with a driver will save you time and nerves - this is more convenient than by train or plane (no need to spend time waiting at the ticket office and passing registration). Moreover, this is also a safer solution, because in the era of the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, it is precisely the stations and airports that become the main foci of infections.

For traveling with children, the car is equipped with special restraints (boosters or child seats). In the presence of a large number of bags, the driver will certainly help with their loading in the trunk of a car.

The advantages of our company

  • fixed price for long-distance transfer services;
  • Delivery of the car at the appointed time, waiting for the customer in case of flight delay or other force majeure circumstances;
  • cars are not marked with taxi symbols, they look like ordinary personal transport;
  • providing assistance to the driver when loading baggage, no matter what size it is;
  • high level of service in accordance with international standards;
  • perfect clean car interior, high-end cars;
  • a wide selection of vehicles, both in terms of comfort and passenger capacity;
  • experienced drivers who have undergone professional coaching.

Use the services of the TransLux transport company for your safety and comfort!

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