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Intercity transfer Moscow - Bryansk

Moscow - Bryansk
SAFE AND COMFORTABLE than a taxi, bus, plane or train!
Especially in conditions where there is a risk of infection in public transport!
Intercity transfer Moscow - Bryansk

TransLux offers a long-distance transfer service from Moscow to Bryansk and other settlements of the Bryansk region. The length of the road is about 394 km. Part of the route was laid along the M1 highway.

Today, in the era of coronavirus infection, there is a very high risk of infection at airports and train stations. The only safe option for moving from one city to another is a rental car transfer provided by our company. All cars have passed the disinfection procedure.

We can guarantee customers:

  • The fixed cost of the trip excluding travel time, stops and other factors.
  • Baggage transportation at no extra charge.
  • The possibility of equipping the passenger compartment with a child seat to ensure comfortable and safe trips with children.
  • All classes of cars: sedans, minivans, minibuses - go on the road with the whole family or a large company.
  • Tactful experienced drivers who will help with the loading and unloading of baggage.
  • Modern foreign cars equipped with climate control and air conditioning.

When returning to Moscow on the same car, we guarantee a discount on the return trip.

We convince clients that intercity transfers are inexpensive. Our customers make trips from Moscow to anywhere in the country with profit and comfort. Fares are fixed, and the price is affordable and does not depend on the number of passengers in the cabin.

For trips by a large company, we will provide you with a convenient option in the form of a minivan or a minibus with air conditioning. An experienced driver will develop an optimal route to deliver you to another city in the shortest possible time. Using the navigator, the driver will calculate the most convenient route in Bryansk to bypass traffic jams and get to your destination in a minimum of time.

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