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The cost of transport services in St. Petersburg


When choosing a company offering passenger and cargo transportation, important factors for consumers is the availability of excellent service, efficient execution and reasonable cost of transport services. In St. Petersburg, meets all these criteria "Translux".

Our company is confidently holds the leading position in the segment of passenger transport performance, transfers and car rental in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our staff are working around the clock and happy to carry out high-quality and modern transport services.

We offer the following transport services to its customers:

  • Transport service enterprises;
  • rent a car with the crew;
  • minibus hire with driver;
  • VIP-cars for maintenance and catering business events;
  • airport transfer;
  • cars for a wedding with a driver;
  • Intercity taxis.

The cost of transport services in St. Petersburg

Any type of transportation is offered at its own tariff, pricing depends on many nuances. First of all, the term of direct use of the service is taken into account. The longer you rent a car from us, the cheaper the service will cost per unit of time. The rental price includes payment for driver's services, fuel, service maintenance and other expenses for the operation of the vehicle. The client is obliged to pay at his own expense paid parking and travel on toll autobahns.

It is of great importance and type of service. Rent a car with a driver for business trips offered at a cost, and the transfer or rental of wedding cars - on the other. The value and impact of the car class that you choose for your service. We rent cars, cars of economy, business, business class and minibuses. Price for the first vehicle category does not exceed 600 rubles per hour. The most popular models of cars of an economy class are «Renault Logan» and «Skoda Octavia2.

The most expensive business class car rental will be ordering model «Mersedes E212» (restyling) - 1100 rubles / hour..

The most expensive options for hire are rental cars of representative (VIP) class. This category is represented by one of the most expensive and exclusive cars. Prices vary significantly, depending on the particular model. Rent a car «Mercedes S221» will cost you 1500 rubles per hour, while «Bentley Continental FS» - in 3500 rubles per hour. As a rule, VIP-clients use this transport. However, in our practice there were cases when a young man ordered flowers for his beloved girl. Of course, the delight of his lover was indescribable. We are always ready to help the client and fulfill even the most non-standard orders. TransLux delivers oversized cargoes weighing up to 20 kg, which do not include materials prohibited by law. Most often, courier delivery services are used by various commercial enterprises for the prompt and confidential transmission of important correspondence. Such customers are important not only the execution of their instructions, but also the speed of the operations performed by the contractor. Time frames are negotiated with the client individually before shipment and are adhered to by our staff. In addition, we are engaged in passenger transport by minibuses. The cost of renting minivans and minibuses is within 800-1500 rubles per hour.

For more information about the cost of transport services in St. Petersburg, look in the price list on our website.  

How to order?

To make an order of any transport services, please contact us by phone or send a request to the site online. In this case you must specify the type of service (long-term or hourly rental, shuttle service, long-distance taxis, etc.), payment method (bank transfer or cash), the vehicle model and date of hire. Ordering takes less than five minutes.

Turning to "TransLux", you will be sure that you are not deceived, and get transport service at an adequate cost.

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