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Car Rental Service


Every day car rental service is becoming increasingly important in a big city, it's a great way to solve the transport problem for both individuals and businesses.

In life, many faced with the need to solve specific transport issues (country trips, meeting guests, car for travel on corporate events, a shuttle to the station or to the airport). And often the best option for solving all these issues become a service car hire with driver.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can rent a car, minivan or minibus at TransLux. Most of our regular customers prefer to rent a vehicle rather than buy it. For them, renting a car with a driver is the most rational choice.

We are happy to be your partner, ensuring reliable car Your company in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Rent a car from us, you will not have to worry about finding a place for refueling, parking, etc. Our qualified drivers know very isolation of local streets and always take you to the right place at the right time and the best route.

Car rental service from the "TransLux" company: the company's car fleet

The company "TransLyuks" offers a choice of the client various classes of cars (from economy to representation) and minibuses with different passenger capacity. We have a wide range of business-class cars, in which you will most conveniently navigate the streets of the metropolis and suburban highways. All vehicles have a service life up to 1 year, and the availability of our own car wash and car service allows us to keep the condition of our cars at a high aesthetic and technical level. The rental cars are equipped with a wide range of options for passenger comfort - winter heated seats, air conditioning, GPS-navigation system. Also our cars are always served to the client in a pure form both outside and in the cabin.

At your service:

  • economy car hire with driver (Ford Focus, Renault Logan, Renault Duster, Skoda Octavia).
  • Car Rental Business Class with driver (Mercedes E 212, Nissan Teana, Mazda 6, Toyota Camry, Ford Mondeo).
  • Rent high-class cars with driver (Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Mercedes S221, Mercedes S222, Bentley Continental FS).
  • Minibus rental with driver (Hyundai Grand Starex, Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V-Class).

Service car rental celebrations

If your life is coming soon the long-awaited date - wedding, anniversary, meeting the newborn from the hospital, and so on, these developments need to be carefully considered, planned and agreed upon. Car hire and minibus with driver from "Translux" will help solve many problems: the organization of a wedding convoy, transfer and other guests.

Car hire for the wedding of our company will help you create the wedding procession of his dreams. It is also a great chance to choose the right design and the comfort of motor model.
Rental of wedding vehicles - a convenient circuit, which consists of punctuality in the supply of machines, rented, reasonable prices and excellent service.

You often pay attention to the wedding car? Some pass by unnoticed, while others cause people to look back at them and smile. After all of the luxury cars are rolling waves of delight, happiness and tenderness.

If you want to make your wedding truly was a memorable one, as the motorcade impression on others, then each car rented, you must carefully choose. Currently, for the conversion of this significant date in the best holiday of your life does not need to be the owner of a luxury fleet of cars. After all, the wedding car rental with driver fairly common service offered by the majority of transport companies.

Before the final choice you need to decide on the following points:

  • the model and the number of cars rented for a wedding;
  • place, date and time of their submission;
  • the duration of the rental vehicle;
  • itinerary.

Using quotations "Translux" shipping company, you can easily organize the wedding of your dreams. See catalog models of cars, which is available on our website. Certainly in the category of business and executive class there are suitable options for the layout of a wedding convoy.

A large number of car makes and models allows you to choose the machine according to your individual needs that fit your temperament and style. Please note that our company offers to rent cars only with driver. Thus, you can enjoy the not only the vehicle, but the driver, which will help quickly and without unnecessary downtime to get to the right place, and he will save the ridiculous traffic accidents.

Remember that for weddings, our machines are available on tariffs that usually 30% more than a standard car rental.

You can rent a car with a driver for the following activities:

  • wedding;
  • anniversary and birthday;
  • romantic date;
  • corporate party;
  • meeting guests at the train station or at the airport;
  • baby meeting of the hospital;
  • walk the city at night;
  • country trips;
  • business trip;
  • any other occasion.

Our cars are in perfect technical condition, they are comfortable and reliable, and the drivers are always punctual and willing to quickly deliver client to anywhere in the metropolis. We will help you successfully celebrate any important event.

Service car rental in Moscow and St. Petersburg

TransLux is a famous passenger carrier in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which offers rental cars and minibuses with a driver at affordable prices.

Often there are cases that the next trip you can not travel with your own car and need to leave it in the garage. If it so happens that you can not imagine my life without a car, you can rent it. Rental cars have long been popular in Western Europe and is gradually becoming more popular in the post-Soviet space. Business man can not imagine everyday life without a succession of various meetings and negotiations with business partners, which are carried out in different parts of the city, and sometimes beyond.

Choosing a service rental car with a driver, you are betting on speed and mobility in road mobility. You do business, you relax, celebrate, and we are working for your comfort. All service parts for cars - these are our concerns about this customer need not worry.

The "TransLux" campaign offers a wide range of services in the field of car rental with a driver. We strive to work to ensure that our offers and services are in demand, interesting and relevant for you. The team of the company will try to fully satisfy all your wishes and requirements regarding the car rental service, paying special attention to the comfort and safety of the client on the road. Choose our offers and you will be provided with not only an impeccable technical vehicle, but also the services of a professional driver whose payment is included in the car rental price.

Our employees have many years of driving experience, earned in the service of business trips, weddings, meeting dignitaries and accompanied by the VIP-clients. They are always attentive and punctual transport interchange know his hometown and are guided in choosing the optimal routes. Fairness and courtesy of our professional drivers will save you time on the road.

The advantages of our service car rental

  • A wide range of different cars. The client can hire a car of any make, model, color, equipment, and any term of the lease.
  • Saving money. If you take a car hire in St. Petersburg or Moscow, you do not need to pass him was to pay for insurance, car repair, vehicle tax and other services - all this concern of our company.
  • Freedom of movement. Our suggestions Rental car with driver is convenient to use in the following situations:
    - If you don't have a personal car. Renting a car with a driver will help you evaluate all the qualities of a car, which you may later want to buy for personal use.
    - If your own car is being repaired. If you need a car exclusively for work, you do not want to fall out of the usual work rhythm, rent it. At the same time, you are offered the opportunity to choose a make, model and equipment similar to your personal car, so that nothing distracts you on the road.
    - While on a business trip. When you are planning a trip to another city, a rented car with a driver will help you move comfortably even over long distances.

Lease terms

The company "Translux" offers a rental car service with a driver on the comfortable conditions for the customer. We serve individuals and legal entities. Corporate clients after the conclusion of a long-term lease offers particularly favorable conditions for cooperation.

Benefits of cooperation

Rent a car in Moscow or St Petersburg have beneficial because we provide the following advantages:

  • The official conclusion of the lease contract TC. Our business is legitimate, responsible parties spelled out in the contract, which is signed by the client.
  • Insurance is included in the service. The cost of rent includes DSAGO insurance, CASCO and CTP.
  • Ease of payment. Pay for the services provided You can hire cars in any convenient way: bank transfer, online at.
  • Timely submission of the vehicle in the proper form. After signing the contract at a specified time and place of the customer is served a car a pure and perfect technical condition.

How to book a rental car in our company

To order a car or minibus with a driver for rent, fill out an application on the website of the TransLux company or contact us directly by calling the contact phone number.

Just a few minutes required for simple ordering procedure that comfortably will solve your transportation issues.

When calling for our car rental service, you make the right choice. "Translux" - a high quality service, flexible prices and individual approach to each client.

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