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Car rental with driver car hire in St. Petersburg


The modern pace of life is very dynamic business person, and to have time to carry out appointments and negotiations, he is forced to use "car with a driver." Car hire in St. Petersburg has long ceased to be a luxury, since the available rates the company "Translux" allow the use of its general population.

When you have to go on a long trip, and use your car is not possible, it is expedient and convenient to apply for a car rental service. You will be able to solve their problems on the movement, and a skilled driver will not let you get lost in an unfamiliar city streets intertwining.

In the northern capital of car rental services are already long period of time and come to the rescue of its customers in many situations. Offered by our company luxury cars will help to emphasize the high status of the passengers and to ensure a comfortable and rapid movement around the city and beyond.

It is worth noting that "Translux" Ltd. owns a large fleet, reliable stocked imported cars. In order to make business trips more suited vehicles business or executive class. If you need a car for everyday family affairs (travel to the country, the dispatch of children to school, etc.), you can save by taking the car rental conditions of economy class. Read more about the cost of the services of car rental with driver, see here.

Our car rental with driver (rental cars) in St. Petersburg

Car rental services are offered by a large number of passenger carriers, but few of them provide their customers with a wide range of vehicles and high quality service. By ordering services from the "TransLux" company, you will receive all this. We are able to reliably and efficiently ensure the transportation of passengers at any distance. When renting a car with a driver, the client has a lot of opportunities. First of all, when making a trip, the user of the service is not distracted by driving the car, but can calmly deal with urgent matters or just relax. Also, the presence of an executive car with a personal driver can increase a person's status in the eyes of his business partners.

What we offer our clients?

  • Rent a car with driver, rent a car in St. Petersburg for a certain period allow payment for actual use of the vehicle, which does not affect the passed vehicle mileage.
  • The possibility of long-term lease of transport by private individuals or companies. The company is very convenient to use our services for the transportation of employees to the place of work. After all, other than passenger cars, minivans, and there in our vehicle fleet. For a long period of time, cars with drivers often rent businessmen and guests of St. Petersburg, who came here on a business trip
  • Our discreet and professional drivers can perform express delivery of oversized cargo weighing up to 20 kg.
  • By prior arrangement, we perform a transfer to Pulkovo Airport-1 or Pulkovo-2.
  • There are trips out of town for a long distance, which should be coordinated with the control center representative.
  • We are ready to provide any formal or festive event presentable, reliable and comfortable car.
  • Affordable prices for a car with driver (car rental) in St. Petersburg.

When ordering our transport services, you can save your money. You do not have to pay a large amount for buying a car, and then additionally pay the costs associated with its operation and maintenance. The democratic price of rent of transport from "TransLyuks" will allow to use the car and to save thus. Also in cooperation with us you can check the comforts of a wide variety of cars and minibuses. If you are not satisfied with the complete set of the rented car, we can always offer a car class higher at an acceptable rental price.

To order a car rental with driver in St. Petersburg, you only need to make one phone call to our manager or apply to the company's website. At the same staff "Translux" quickly process it and provide the ordered car exactly to the specified address at the agreed time and not a minute later.

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