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Providing transport services in St. Petersburg


Sooner or later we have to deal with the situation when you need to quickly take advantage of the car, but to manage it on their own there is no way. In this case, the best would be to rent a vehicle with a crew of our company. Provision of vehicles in St. Petersburg - widely demanded service, without the existence of which is difficult to imagine the infrastructure of the city. Almost all customers autorolling services have seen its benefits and usefulness.

Here you can rent a car with a driver for any purpose at any time by 3-hours. A transport service is very popular abroad, where he practiced for decades. In "Translux" there is a large selection of economy cars, business and executive class, minibuses and minivans.

The whole transport park is equipped with new cars equipped with the latest technology. We offer different classes and brands of cars for every taste and budget. If you need to send documents to the office urgently, use our courier delivery service. Drivers will carry out the assignment promptly and inexpensively. If you need a car for personal or corporate use, we recommend renting cars of business and executive class. A solid car is ideal for traveling to meetings with new business partners, will help to make a proper impression on them and create an image of the company. Luxury cars are ordered not only by connoisseurs of luxury, they will be a wonderful addition to the wedding celebration, heading the motorcade of newlyweds.

At the same time, luxury cars will be an ideal option for VIPs and connoisseurs of true luxury. 

 The main services of the company "Translux"

  1. Hourly rental car with a driver.
  2. Long term rental car with a driver.
  3. Transfer to the airport - in St. Petersburg, we deliver passengers to the international airport Pulkovo, back and forth.
  4. Cars for the wedding. Undoubtedly, the wedding day is one of the most important dates in our life, so I really want only pleasant memories from the holiday. Entrust the transport service of the celebration to the professionals of "TransLux", and you yourself will be engaged in organizing other important moments of the holiday program.
  5. Transport services to corporate clients. The service is a set of operations associated with the company providing vehicles with crews for the implementation of all its needs.
  6. Express delivery. The ability to quickly dispatch of correspondence, documents and other goods allowed by law, up to 20 kg at the specified address.

This is not a complete list of transportation services offered by our company in St. Petersburg. Having earned a high reputation among residents and visitors of the city, we took the leading position in the segment of the passenger transportation market. The main thing is that we always fulfill our obligations and do it qualitatively. You see the quality of service and understand what your money is spent on. We prefer to discuss all disputable issues with the customer in advance. In addition to all the above, the advantage of cooperation with the company "TransLux" is the speed and simplicity of filing an application. The car can be ordered by submitting an online application or a call to our office.

Lease terms

After a preliminary calculation of the customer's service schedule, the customer is obliged to make a prepayment. If there is a need to extend the term of the lease, we always go towards the client.

Absolutely forbidden:

  • to distract the driver from performing his duties when the vehicle is moving.
  • To drink alcoholic beverages and smoke in the passenger compartment of the rented car.
  • Damage property, the lessee company. If the fault of the passenger car crash happen or presentation will be broken, the customer agrees to reimburse the cost of repair.

If the car came to a fault during the trip, we will promptly send it to replace the machine in its class.

Providing transport services in St. Petersburg - is our job and we do it with care for the comfort of its customers.

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