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What can not be done while washing and cleaning the car? List of contraindications for caring for body and salon

What can not be done while washing and cleaning the car? List of contraindications for caring for body and salon

Most owners of motor vehicles are accustomed to take care of the body, interior and windows of their car. Many do it with pleasure, treat this process as a favorite hobby. But even experienced drivers do not always correctly monitor the car - sometimes their care only harms the state of the vehicle. We bring to your attention a list of the most common mistakes that motorists allow.

What is forbidden to do with the car body and interior:

  • Wipe the body and dusty windows with a dry cloth.

Due to the content of micro-sandwich and other solid particles in the city dust, it acquires abrasive properties. Drivers often wipe the body panels and glass with a napkin or a dry rag, and they manage to wipe the surface to shine. But with each new time it becomes more matte. Of course, at first, small scuffs and micro-cuts are difficult to see even under the magnifying glass, but gradually, after accumulating their critical mass of glass, the paint of the body or the plastic of the headlights will noticeably fade. Do not smear dust from the dry windshield wipers. In a bright sun, the glass becomes less transparent due to directional scratches that are not noticeable in ordinary light.

  • Use an improper cloth and sponge.

Not all sponges and rags are equally useful. On some of them, a large layer of dirt and dust is collected, which has the appearance of a polishing paste. Often this is the fault of household sponges, old towels, rags of clothes. The correct solution will be the use of special car care products. For example, a car sponge absorbs sand particles inside without leaving them on the surface, and when rinsing, dirt from it is easily washed out. The same properties are characteristic for tissue from a special microfiber. Using the right sponges and rags allows you to carefully care for the details of the machine without scratching their surface.

  • To apply means of household chemical goods.

Most household neutralizers, solvents, cleaners usually work better than specialized automotive products. This does not mean that automotive chemistry manufacturers do not know how to make quality compounds. The fact is that they are specially made less corrosive and aggressive, that is, more careful to paint and varnish, plastic and rubber parts, upholstery elements. The developers of auto chemistry adhere to the principle of "not to harm - it means to save." They argue that it is better to walk a few times on the surface to be cleaned, rather than expose it to a risk of spoiling it.

Of course, if absolutely necessary, you can use a household cleaner for plastic, carpet or glass, but if you do it all the time, no one will guarantee that the surface will not fade, there will not be any stains and blemishes on it, and rubber seals will not become a kind of sticky porridge . Special means for car care are more expensive, but repair and replacement of parts will cost much more.

  • Apply cheap cosmetic salon cleaners.

Quality vinyl and plastic cleaners do several things at once. They flow into irregularities, cracks and scratches and displace dirt from them. In this case, a film forms over the parts, which visually levels the surface. Because of this, the light is reflected evenly, and even the smallest defects become invisible. Cheap silicone-based cleaners are only trying to mimic this process - they also collect dirt and form a film, but rather sticky and thick, to which new dust adheres.

  • Postpone the removal of stains "for tomorrow".

Car cleaning is a procedure that is comparable to the work of the "first aid". The sooner possible to take emergency measures, the more likely that negative consequences will be avoided. Leaving cleaning for later is far from the best solution, especially if it is necessary to wash the bodywork. The paint and varnish coating is only at first glance a solid and monolithic surface - in fact, it has micropores, which penetrate aggressive substances, bird droppings, juice from plants and other substances. When the stain turns into a part of the paint, it becomes extremely difficult to remove it. In the event of a stain on the upholstery, it is also not advisable to wait for it to penetrate the structure of the fabric, leather or vinyl: in some cases it is better to wait until the stain dries out so as not to smear it even harder, and sometimes it can be removed before it dries.

  • Ignore chips and cracks.

Defects paint - it's like a hole in the tooth. Vulnerable zones can penetrate water, organic substances and chemical reagents, as a result of which a corrosion center will develop under the paint, capable of causing swelling and detachment. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to remove the damaged coating, peel it to the metal, and then priming and staining. It is better to take preventive measures in the form of regular polishing, which will not allow foreign substances to penetrate into the paint layer with microscopic scratches and body cracks. Repair of small chips and cracks should be best entrusted to the masters of specialized service centers.

  • Do not follow the temperature.

The most serious violation is the washing of the body of the machine with hot water under pressure, so that "dirt lag behind". Excessively hot water itself has a poor effect on paintwork, and in places where parts are made of different materials that react differently to temperature changes, the paint may become deformed and crack. It is also often possible to see how motorists use the means for polishing and cleaning under the scorching sun. This will not give the necessary result as much as when caring for frozen details. The optimum temperature for such procedures is about 20-25 degrees.

A businessman sometimes does not have enough time not only to take care of the car, but also car wash or dry cleaning of the cabin on the service. And to maintain the image it is extremely important for him to travel not only on a presentable car, but on an ideally clean vehicle. The company "TransLyuks" offers the best solution for such cases - Rent a car with a driver in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In our transport park there are many cars of different comfort classes, the costs of maintaining the ideal condition of which are already included in the hourly rate. Taking advantage of our offer, you will not only demonstrate your high status to everyone, but you will also be able to save your time, energy and money necessary for independent caring for your personal car.

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