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It became known what will be the new crossover Ferrari

It became known what will be the new crossover Ferrari

Heavily discussed in the automotive community, the Ferrari Purosangue is the first crossover for the Italian brand. According to the developers, this modification will captivate with its power and excellent handling (as stated, one of the best in the class).

Previously, Ferrari Purosangue has already fallen into the lens of reporters. However, before on the track he was always kicked out in a protective film. This time the car was seen without camouflage. His pictures were taken right in the workshop, where the craftsmen are working on assembling the new “Italian handsome man”. The original crossover should be officially presented in 2022. This, at least, is what Carscoops employees promise.

Judging by the new photos, the Ferrari Purosangue is a rather atypical car. Against the background of other crossovers, it stands out for its low landing and low ground clearance (however, at the same time, it was most likely equipped with an air suspension with ground clearance to be adjusted).

With its design, the Ferrari Purosangue is reminiscent of the SF90 Stradale, the famous supercar. What these two have in common are thin LED headlights and an emphasis on the “nose”. The design of the back turned out to be quite traditional. Here you can see the branded four lanterns.

Technical characteristics of the machine, the manufacturer is not in a hurry to voice. According to rumors, the Ferrari Purosangue was created on the basis of the Ferrari Roma in the back of a coupe. It is also possible that the Ferrari crossover will receive a pair of powerful engines, V6 and V8 power plants. These motors are capable of producing from 600 to 700 "horses" at the output. Turbocharged units can be supplemented by a hybrid system. As for the top modification with a V12 engine, the appearance of one cannot be ruled out either. Fans of all-wheel drive cars, the manufacturer is likely to disappoint. He can refuse such a transmission.

What is it - a special version of the Fiat 500

In 2020, the favorite of millions, the Fiat 500 hatchback, has turned green. The new electric version of this car has earned the praise of world experts in the automotive industry. Its developers were flattered, but this fact does not affect their desire to develop the production of a traditional model. This is confirmed by the construction of the Fiat 500 Giallissima. The name of the brainchild of the Italian brand is rather unusual. Translated into Russian, "Giallissima" means "very yellow." This phrase describes the new product of a popular brand in the best possible way. The new modification turned out to be yellow not only outside, but also inside.

Interestingly, the Fiat 500 Giallissima was developed exclusively for the Japanese market. The car will be released in limited quantities (2 copies are planned). "Solar Baby" conquers with the contrast of yellow and black. At the same time, only the rear-view mirror housings are painted black. As for the rest, in general, the car turned out to be pretty standard, equipped with 14-inch rims, LED daytime running lights and halogen headlights.

The stylish yellow exterior attracts with a bright dashboard, complemented by a 7-inch touch screen (part of the Uconnect multimedia system) and a round-shaped dashboard recognizable by Fiat fans. Inside the cabin, the driver will also find comfortable seats upholstered in dark blue fabric. Speaking about the equipment of the vehicle, we should not forget about a pair of USB ports, as well as a set of airbags (there are 7 in total).

The function of the “heart” of the car is performed by a 1,2-liter atmospheric four. She can produce up to 69 “horses” at the output and a torque of 102 Nm. The engine works in collaboration with a five-speed automatic transmission.

The Skoda Octavia has a competitor from the UK

The main competitor of the hit Skoda Octavia has already been dubbed MG5 Scorpio. This is a brand new sedan representing the C-class. Its main features include a sporty (though not 100%) design. The transport is equipped with a modern turbo engine capable of producing 181 “horses” at the output.

A good look at the "British" allows fresh publications, official pictures. As for the official presentation of the MG5 Scorpio, it is expected in the near future. Moreover, a budget class C car will be available this fall. This, at least, is promised by Autohome employees.

So, what is so special about the Scorpio that the experts considered it a potential rival to the Skoda Octavia? First of all, it is worth emphasizing that this machine is an improved version of the MG5, a representative of the second generation. To become more sporty, the sedan has received a facelift. This procedure was carried out for the car quite quickly (2 years after the flagship debuted). In the Chinese market, the car will be sold for about 12 dollars (about 75 in national currency).

yuan). At the same time, it is reliably known that the modification will be presented in other markets. Including the start of sales in the CIS is expected. In this region, the MG5 generation is in high demand.

The unusual Scorpio attracts not only with a 181-horsepower turbo engine powerful enough for a sedan, but with a dynamic profile with an emphasis on an arch-shaped lid. The MG5 differs from its predecessor in the original grille, as well as modified headlights (LED optics have become narrower). Another important highlight of the car is the “brutal” front bumper and unusual hood. Add to that the quad tailpipes that protrude from the rear and you have a stylish sedan with sporty accents.

All the features of the new Ford Ranger Raptor 2023

The seventh generation of Ford Ranger pickups expanded with an extreme modification called the Raptor. The car, importantly, was created for the global market. Its main features include unique technical characteristics - the presence of an innovative biturbo engine EcoBoost V6 3.0. With different settings, this engine is capable of delivering 288-397 "horses".

This Ford Ranger Raptor is ideal for fast and comfortable off-road driving, crossing difficult areas. If we compare this version with its civilian brother, it becomes obvious that the experts did a great job on the Raptor's suspension: here are reinforced struts and improved front suspension arms. Not without the new Watt mechanism, which the craftsmen installed on the rear axle. Also, the “pumped” modification boasts more powerful frame spars directly, reliable spare tire fasteners.

The brand new Ford Ranger outperforms its counterpart in such parameters as the width of the wheel arch, engine protection (made of steel, 2,3 mm thick). The Raptor also received a new grille and a pair of towing lugs (located front and rear).

A "fresh" modification of a pickup truck can be purchased with a four-cylinder biturbo diesel engine under the hood. We are talking about a 213-horsepower 2.0 EcoBlue, delivering up to 500 Nm. In addition, the car will be sold with a gasoline-powered EcoBoost V6 3.0 biturbo engine, squeezing from 288 to 397 hp. The car inherited such a power plant from the "American" Ford Bronco Raptor, one of the best SUVs of our time.

As for the body features of the Ranger Raptor, here the brand decided to bet on a double cab.

The new version of the BMW 1 hit the lenses of photo spies

The current representative of the 1 series was officially introduced to the world 3 years ago. It replaced the modification presented in 2017; we recall that it was created specifically for the Chinese market. Given this, we can safely say that the popular hatchback has already approached the middle of its life cycle, so its update was quite expected. The BMW team will most likely demonstrate the results of their work in 2023, however, it is important to note that the brand has not yet made official statements regarding this. Representatives of the company do not comment on either the long-awaited update of the 1 series, or its electrification (and it is impossible to exclude the “greening” of the car).

Whatever it was, the prototype of the “fresh” hatchback caught the eye of photo spies. Judging by the pictures they took, the car had just begun to be tested. The body of the vehicle, which was taken out for testing, is sealed with a dense camouflage film. However, the latter could not hide a number of changes, including a different form of headlights. They are likely to become more compact. They are best characterized by the words "thin" and "round". As for the radiator grille, it is impossible to see it properly. At the same time, it can be assumed that the new modification will have it significantly larger. The changes will affect both the front bumper and the rear of the car. Specialists from BMW will present the updated first series with other lights (the shape will remain the same).

What will be the interior of the car, it's hard to say. Experts are sure that inside the cabin the driver will find a modern infotainment system (we are talking, of course, about iDrive 8) and a couple of large displays. The technical characteristics of the first series remain classified, but there is no doubt that the novelty will enter the market with a hybrid power plant.

A subsidiary of Volvo and Geely has created an Arctic masterpiece

The unique car was named the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle. The serial Polestar 2, already well known to millions, served as the basis for it. The original liftback, according to its creators, is ideal for trips in the north. For those who often have to travel on icy roads, it is the most optimal vehicle.

The platform based on the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle is a twin motor machine with a Performance package. The novelty has a lot in common with the source code, however, the arctic masterpiece also has its own chips. First of all, this is an increased ground clearance (by as much as 30 mm), as well as 19-inch tires in size 245/35 R19. The latter were made to order, they differ from others with metal spikes (their diameter is 4 mm). The surprises don't end there. The manufacturer decided to abandon the standard springs in favor of softer ones. In addition, the North Star boasts brand new Öhlins adjustable dampers. They are known to be equipped with remote reservoirs.

The Polestar 2 was rewarded with a pair of struts that the experts installed between the uprights, front and rear. The car also got additional modern LED headlights, OZ Racing rally wheels, large towing eyes (located on both sides). Inside the car, the driver will find sports seats. True, Recaro seats are installed only in front.

Painted the novelty in gray and white tones. Her "face" is protected by a plate, for the manufacture of which carbon fiber was used. As for the luggage compartment, it turned out to be quite roomy. Here, among other things, there is a special place for a shovel with a carbon handle. The Polestar 2 is powered by a standard Long Range Dual Motor.

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