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Kia showed car enthusiasts what their new Sonet crossover will look like

Kia showed car enthusiasts what their new Sonet crossover will look like

No sooner had the experts had time to study the video that Kia had leaked to the network to intrigue their fans waiting for the presentation of the new crossover, when “static” images of the “fresh” modification appeared on the Internet. In the photos available online, it is still not easy to consider the new product. However, the representatives of the auto concern themselves are not embarrassed by this. According to them, a design sketch is all that motorists need to understand what the cheapest crossover in Kia's range will look like.

The highly anticipated 2021 Kia Sonet can be described as outwardly confident and possessing "muscular" expressive lines. The design turned out to be both sporty and perky in nature. Working on it, the masters focused on the proprietary classic features of Kia crossovers. However, this did not stop them from experimenting. For the sake of experiment, the designers used national Indian motives.

Such a choice of specialists should not bother anyone, given that it is the residents of India who will be the first to buy the Kia Sonet 2021. Creating a new car, the designers were inspired by the great cultural heritage of this state. This allowed them to make the exterior of the car original and attractive.

Experts predict that the new Sonet will be able to compete with another popular crossover from Kia. This is a modification of the Seltos. The long-awaited brainchild of the auto concern will most likely be introduced to the markets of different countries, not only India. However, when exactly this will happen is unknown.

While motorists are left to discuss the appearance of the new crossover, guess what its engine range will be. It can be assumed that it will be related to another budget car - the popular Hyundai Venue.

Škoda prepares for the presentation of serial EnyaqiV cars

Škoda EnyaqiV became the first production electric car for the Škoda auto concern. This car was created on the basis of the MEB from Volkswagen, which has long been involved in the production of electric cars. While motorists are waiting for the premiere of the "fresh" crossover, the company offers them an official teaser video. It is based on schematic silhouette images of a car. At the same time, the appearance of EnyaqiV has long been not a big secret for anyone. Škoda does not seek to hide data on the technical characteristics of the new electric car.

It is known to mark a return to rear-wheel drive. At the same time, the car will be able to boast of a high power rating. The vRS modification, for example, will be capable of delivering nominally 306 liters. from. This will allow her to bypass the Superb with her 280 horses. In addition, EnyaqiV will delight fans of "smart" options, lovers of roomy salons. This car can comfortably accommodate 5 people. As for the dimensions of the body, in comparison with the Octavia, they will be smaller. That doesn't stop the EnyaqiV from having the same roomy interior as the Kodiaq, though.

With a length of 4 m and a width of 6 m, the wheelbase is 1 mm. The trunk does not disappoint with its volume. 8 l. will be more than enough for any average car enthusiast.

The new series will also feature a modification for lovers of long-range cars. This category of consumers will like the rear-wheel drive EnyaqiV 80, which the manufacturer has equipped with a 204 hp engine. from. On a single charge on the WLTP cycle, the crossover will be able to overcome 500 kilometers. This is guaranteed by a capacious battery, it is not necessary to install. It can also be purchased with alternative batteries with a capacity of 55 or 62 kW / h.

Ford resumed production of Bronco and introduced new generation cars

Auto concern Ford presented a new SUV. It will appear on the market under the well-known name “Bronco”. This representative of the sixth generation replaced the fifth generation products, whose production was discontinued a quarter of a century ago. The debut of the "fresh" Ford turned out to be memorable. Motorists saw two body options at once - 3 and 5-door, which is popular in the west.

The main concept of the revived "Bronco" is a combination of classics and innovative engineering developments. This product is guaranteed to conquer people who are forced to regularly move on low-quality roadways. It is focused, including on those who like active rest. The novelty boasts the durability of F-pickups and the sporty features of a Mustang, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley. In terms of design, the emphasis has been on the traditional lines of the 1965 Bronco.

This SUV is equipped with all-wheel drive, transfer case. The driver has three modes of operation with the transmission. An alternative is an electromechanical dispenser with the On-Demand 4H option. However, this duet will have to pay extra.

The new Bronco impresses with other unique features. For example, Dana axles, differential locks, independent front suspension, a new stabilization system. Falls in love with the car and 7 modes of operation of electronics, effective and convenient cruise control.

Consumers are offered a choice of modifications with an Eco Boost gasoline engine, issuing - 2, 274 liters. from. and a similar, but more powerful engine with 315 "horses". Both options are compatible with 7-speed manual or 10-range automatic. Against the background of other Bronco, the new model also stands out due to its high ground clearance.

Hyundai revealed details of the specification of the crossover Santa Fe 2021

Fans of Hyundai's products can be jubilant. The renowned brand has finally revealed the secret of the new specification for the Santa Fe. This car was first presented online just a month ago. But then its potential owners and just all motorists could not get detailed information about the form in which the South Korean crossover will appear on the European market. Full of information has become available only now.

The very first news, the statement of the company's representatives, cannot fail to impress - Santa Fe 2021 will be the first car in Europe equipped with a brand new engine from the Smartstream series. This development giant Hyundai is a hybrid powerplant. The Smartstream 1.6 T-GDI turbo engine will be available in several power options:

  • ICE, supplemented by a 44-horsepower electric engine that produces nominally 232 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque (will appear on the market first, will be installed on front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive modifications);
  • plug-in hybrid turbo 90-horsepower electric motor, producing a maximum of 268 horsepower, but showing the same torque as the 44-horsepower version (installed on an all-wheel drive model with a 6-speed automatic transmission).

The latter option will be coupled with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13.8 kWh.

The South Korean brand also took care of fans of diesel cars. This version of the new crossover will boast a 2,2-liter engine, whose block is made of aluminum. This is a modernized power plant with a modern distribution shaft and fuel injection system. The high-quality engine nominally produces 204 horsepower, while torque reaches 440 Nm.

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