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Car rental with driver Khotkovo


Renting a car with a driver (Khotkovo) is the main transportation service provided by TransLyuks. Car rental is the most effective solution to problems associated with movement, both around the city and beyond. We care not only about the comfort of our passengers, but also about their safety. Absolutely every car that is in the rental of our company is equipped with all the necessary equipment and passes mandatory inspection before the order. It is worth noting that our driver's staff consists of highly qualified employees who have extensive experience and work experience.

Rent a car with driver (Khotkovo): Features

In our modern world it is rather difficult to imagine our life without a car. Efficiency and punctuality constantly played an important role for the businessman. However, it is very difficult to carry out official assignments if there is no personal vehicle at hand. In such a case, many use taxi or public transport services, which can not always help out. For this reason, in order to save precious time, which can help a modern person solve a number of important issues, we recommend renting a car with a chauffeur on the most favorable terms.

It is worth noting that the car rental services with a personal driver is available for most populations Khotkovo. Each interested person we offer to make their own selection of machines, based on the needs and financial capabilities. Of all the available cars that are in our fleet, you can choose the vehicle economy, business and VIP-class.

To carry out the order of the car with the driver can at any time, but customers who draw up long-term rental car, get good discounts to the tariff, which are discussed individually.

Now not everyone can afford to buy a new car from the passenger compartment. However, even after the vehicle purchase cost its content does not come cheap (you have to pay for fuel, oil, spare parts, pay for parking, insurance and so on). Therefore, car rental with driver (Khotkovo) is undeniable advantage for those customers who want to save.

Why is the company "Translux" service profitable?

We try to create the most favorable, favorable and comfortable conditions for the provision of transportation services for its customers. That is why our competitive advantages include:

  1. Reasonable pricing for car rental with a personal driver.
  2. "Transparent" passenger car rental conditions, minivan or minibus.
  3. The minimum clearance of the necessary documentation for the long-term car rentals.
  4. Large fleet, which consists of modern imported cars.
  5. The convenient location of the office.
  6. The courteous, experienced and friendly staff.
  7. Execution of orders at any time of the day including weekends and holidays.
  8. Non-cash or cash (customer has the ability to pay in any way to obtain services).

Before the direct order of car rental services with a driver you have to be defined in advance with the objectives, as well as to pick up the vehicle from the online catalog on our website.

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