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Car rental with driver Khimki


Very often in such a large satellite town of Moscow as Khimki, you may need to travel at a business meeting, to go with his family in the forest or go to a party with friends. The implementation of each of these plans will guarantee the car rental with driver.

In Khimki, there are many companies that offer vehicle rental services for a variety of prices. However, we recommend a stop at the trusted choice of carrier, which would have a great experience and positive feedback. Having analyzed most of the proposals of the car rental services in the city of Khimki, you immediately realize that the best conditions for the rental company offers "Translux".

Why rent a car with driver (Khimki) is so popular?

If you do not have a service car or it is not available for any reason, you will in any case have to apply for additional help. The rental service of a vehicle rental with a driver in Khimki will give you the opportunity to maintain mobility, safety, as well as the necessary level of comfort.

Using the services of car hire with the presence of a driver, you will be able to solve any transport issues as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. The company "TransLyuks" offers the client both an hourly rate (a minimum order of three hours) and a long-term lease of the vehicle. A highly skilled, experienced, polite and punctual driver can quickly deliver you to the specified address. Therefore, on the road you have an excellent opportunity to solve your business issues, talk on your mobile phone, work with a laptop or enjoy the view from the car.

Rent a car with driver (Khimki) in "Translux"

Services Rental of modern machines with personal driver includes several embodiments:

  1. Hourly rental cars (do not forget that the minimum order is 3 hours).
  2. Long term rentals (you can make a contract of hire cars with a driver for the week, month and even year with possibility of extension).
  3. Services to corporate clients.
  4. Transport service activities such as: wedding, anniversary, birthday and so on.
  5. Transfer to the train station and the airport.

It is worth noting that renting a car with a driver (Khimki) is a great way to emphasize your high status. This service will allow you to navigate without any difficulty in an unfamiliar city for you.

Visiting the capital for tourism purposes, you can rent a vehicle for excursions. Thus, you can enjoy the sights of the city with the car and the passenger compartment at any time to come closer to them (in this case, the driver is required to wait for you).

Also, visiting Khimki on business, you will be able to concentrate on your work, if you use the rental service vehicle.

The company "Translux" a sufficiently large fleet of vehicles, including both passenger cars ( "Economy" class, "Business" and VIP), and comfortable minibuses and minivans.

Before the direct feed of the car we will necessarily carry out his check for faults. It should be noted that the drivers of our company quite a lot of experience, they are always very polite and considerate to absolutely every client.

We sincerely hope that the car rental service with driver (Khimki) will help you achieve your goals!

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