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Car rental with driver Chernogolovka


In recent years, the demand for rental car in the city of Chernogolovka is growing rapidly. For this reason, there is a large number of issues related to this type of transport services provided by the company "Translux".

Why do we recommend to apply for rental of vehicle with chauffeur, and not just use a taxi service?

It should start with the fact that renting a vehicle with a driver can be if you do not know how to drive or lost driver's license.

It should be noted that, referring to the taxi service, you can become a passenger in not the most experienced driver, stuck in traffic or having gone down the wrong route.

Therefore, we can highlight some of the main advantages of renting a car with driver (Chernogolovka)

  1. The ability to optimize the workflow. You can solve their problems in the cabin comfortable and modern car (talking on the phone, work on the Internet, engage in any production documentation).
  2. You can drink alcoholic beverages, and it is absolutely not worry about the consequences. Due to the personal life of the driver and the health of the client, as well as other road users will be in complete safety.
  3. The drivers of our trucking company are experienced and highly qualified specialists, which can accelerate the arrival of the passenger to the specified destination.
  4. Every driver who is responsible for the management of the car hire, undergo a rigorous selection and studying the standards of communication with the customer.
  5. Choosing a car rental service with a driver, you will automatically get rid of the need to spend money on maintenance, inspection and parking. On the rental shall only serviceable vehicle.

When ordering the vehicle you have any questions, you can always consult, contact the company's "Translux" on the phone, or to find the answer on our website this link.

Rent a car with driver (Chernogolovka) from "Translux"

We work in the market of road transport services for over a decade, serving a large number of enterprises in the city on a permanent basis. So rent a car with a personal driver - this is our main line. We are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of vehicles, which are represented in our transport park of more than twenty cars. Every car is in perfect condition: clean well maintained and tested for the presence of faults.

Drivers who work in our company will do everything possible so that the client was satisfied with the service provided: for the guests of the city provides a stop near the attractions and places of memory and businessmen our driver will wait for the cars to complete a business meeting.

Gentle, polite and friendly communication will make the customer journey as comfortable and easy.

It is worth noting that the majority of our customers continue to enjoy the company "Translux" services, and also advise our company to friends and colleagues. And this is the evidence of the reputation of a reliable and responsible carrier.

Rent a car with driver (Chernogolovka) - this is the highest quality of service provided and the safety of each trip.

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