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Vasileostrovskaya Metro: Rent a Car with driver St. Petersburg


In the market of car rental services, there is a growing popularity of renting a car with a driver near the Vasileostrovskaya metro station (St. Petersburg). Why is such a picture emerging? The answer is very simple: it's hard for residents of a big city to use taxi services all the time, and they do not want to waste valuable time on public transport trips. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the wealthy residents of the metropolis are trying to find a way out of this situation, and renting a car with a driver is exactly what is needed. Renting a car with a personal chauffeur can provide a ride in comfortable conditions. Compared with conventional car rentals, renting a vehicle with a driver means a lot of opportunities to use a wider range of services: for example, a service can be used by people who have never had a driver's license or are deprived of them. It should be noted that renting a car with a driver near the metro station "Vasileostrovskaya" allows you to plan your day profitably and not depend on the schedule of public transport.

Get affordable and high-quality services avtorokata possible if you contact a reliable transport company. In St. Petersburg, such a company is a "Translux" - passenger carrier in good standing, whose services are used by both private individuals and entire companies.

Metro station "Vasileostrovskaya": rent a car with a driver St. Petersburg

When renting a vehicle in our company the customer does get a quality car that is admired and respected by you and the tenant. The cost of rent, which is also no less important, is greatly inferior to the purchase of a new car. Most often we are approached by practical people who know the value of their own time. For more information about the conditions of cooperation on this page.

Take car rental can afford not only the wealthy, but ordinary citizens, since our fleet wide range of cars of different classes - anyone can choose the appropriate option based on the financial situation and personal taste. Naturally, the higher the car class, the more expensive it will be for rent. To date, the structure of the vehicle fleet "Translux" looks like this:

  • Executive Class (VIP);
  • Business Class;
  • Economy class.

The question arises: what is the advantage of using a rental car with a driver in our company?

  1. Modern, stylish cars and the presence of the driver will create the image of your company and increase your status in the face of business partners.
  2. Reliability - all vehicles, provided by our company, are in excellent condition, and drivers have extensive experience in the service of high status customers and transport.
  3. Long-term rental of vehicles involves maintenance of a favorable, special tariff.
  4. Every consumer has the right to choose any car in its sole discretion. If you do not like something, we can replace the car.

It will be especially preferable to rent a car at weddings. The wedding cortege is an important part of the celebration, the young are obliged to drive up to the registry office on decorated, beautiful cars - these are our traditions. The quality of the car for the wedding and the cost of hire will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Therefore, if you need a comfortable transport with good characteristics, contact the transport company "TransLux", which specializes in the provision of cars for rent. Remember, we only have highly qualified professionals who carry out their work on conscience and with all the requirements in mind.

Terms of rent a car in the area of ​​"Vasileostrovskaya" metro station (Saint-Petersburg)

On the company's website presents the rates that apply to short-term (hourly) rental car with a driver. At the box office for a long time (more than a day) operates an individual approach to each case. Because of this, many have become permanent customers of our company. You can read them on the page "Our customers". Terms of cooperation are beneficial and at the same time attractive even for private individuals. After all, the tenant does not need to buy a car, and it can save its maintenance.

To order the service, please contact a representative of our company using the contact details that appear on the site.

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