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Metro "Old Village": rent a car with a driver St. Petersburg


For most people who do not have their own vehicles, it is difficult to visit several addresses in the city in one working day. In order to move around St. Petersburg was comfortable, it is not necessary to operate your own car. Rent a car with a driver for a day near the metro station "Staraya Derevnya" will allow you to calmly and comfortably admire the local sights or do your own business, instructing the driving of a professional driver. The rental of vehicles for the whole day is the price of hourly rent. Thus, the customer can calculate the entire trip budget as accurately as possible.

Rent a car with a driver in the area of ​​the "Old Village" metro station in St. Petersburg

When the crew may need car rental?

  1. At the meeting and accompanied by colleagues or business partners. Presentable car with a personal driver allows you to emphasize the prestige and style of your company and realize comfortable worthy reception of important guests.
  2. When you need to hold a series of meetings in different parts of the northern capital. Qualified skilled driver without any problems take the right address even those in the city for the first time.
  3. When you want to go for shopping. Shoppers who rent cars in our company, are not hurrying to get around trading floors and make purchases, and our driver with a car will be waiting for you near the shopping center.
  4. When sightseeing in St. Petersburg. From historical and cultural monuments is much more convenient to meet friends, looking at them from a comfortable cabin rented car.
  5. When needed to organize any celebrations. Hire of business class car or a VIP for the wedding will create a presentable wedding procession, and guests can comfortably accommodate in minibuses and minivans.

Metro "Old Village": rent a car with a driver from "Translux" in St. Petersburg

Rental of vehicles with crew is the main activity of the company "Translux". For us is not important period for which the customer is going to rent a car - for a few hours, all day, a week or even a month. The car is always served in a clean and well-kept as a good technical condition. To become more familiar with the terms of the short-term rental in our company, we offer to visit this page.

car hire service is becoming more popular every day. And there are a number of reasons. For example, the depreciation of the ruble led to a serious rise in price of imported cars, and buying a car today has become expensive for the consumer happy. But anyone succeeded businessman knows that without a car it is difficult to manage. For this reason, we offer the rental of vehicles with a crew, as a reasonable alternative to the purchase of the machine.

The need arises to use the machine often. For example, your car is being repaired or you arrived by plane for the first time in St. Petersburg, but the decision of business matters are forced to move quickly in the city. Availability of rental car with a personal driver will not be late for important events or negotiations with business colleagues.

In addition, our company is often bought vehicle rental for celebrations on the anniversary of the type of weddings, corporate parties and so on. D. Ina surprising, since we offer different classes of vehicles that can impress anyone.

Car rental with crew will relieve you of maintenance needs of your own car, regular technical inspections and repairs. As our client, you can simply relax in the backseat of a luxury car and driving will our experienced driver.

What benefits does the customer get contacting us?

Renting a car with a crew of "Translux", the client receives services of a qualified driver who in a comfortable environment will take you to your destination. Employees coming to work for us already have an impressive driving experience, undergo training courses, pass certification on trouble-free control of the car and the orientation of the city.

Beauty machines are equipped with high-quality sound insulation system, air conditioning, acoustics, and cruise control. To improve the quality of orientation outside of St. Petersburg, our drivers can use navigators.

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