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Metro Bypass Canal: Rent a Car with driver St. Petersburg


"Translux" The company provides affordable and comfortable service lease vehicles with a driver in St. Petersburg. Provision of such services can be single or be formed on a permanent basis. For customer service we offer exclusively serviceable modern cars, which regularly pass inspection, and interior and exterior has always maintained perfectly pure.

It should be noted that the tariffs for the services provided depend on the model of the rented car, rental period and purpose (transfer to / from the airport, car rental for wedding, single trip, corporate use, and so on. D.).

Metro "Channel Bypass": Rent a Car with driver in St. Petersburg

Every order we treat individually. For example, for the organization of a wedding convoy, we offer executive cars of one or various models for the bride and groom and guests - spacious minibuses and minivans.

To make a business trip turned to us, customers can take advantage of rental cars business or VIP-class, which is very convenient, as the client an opportunity to express themselves to a business partner, arriving for a meeting on a beautiful executive car with driver, or you can meet business -kollegu at the airport.

We always try to provide the most comfortable and favorable conditions for their clients, so our drivers - the most experienced in St. Petersburg, and requested rates - the lowest.

Today, the provision of transport services more relevant than ever. Under the car rental services with crew means no regular transportation of persons, and the organization of a number of transactions by type of scheduling, registration of accounting documentation, development route plan and so on. We believe that only a comprehensive service, reasonable prices and quality service to make our company the most popular in the St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Rent a car with a driver in St. Petersburg near the metro station "Obvodny Canal" 

  1. We will help you in choosing the right vehicle, provide transportation of employees, business partners, and office workers.
  2. We guarantee a comfortable and safe conditions of carriage.
  3. We will offer the most suitable transport service.
  4. We will develop the best route.
  5. The official signing of the contract.

One of the most popular services provided by "Translux", is a shuttle service. This service can be both individual and group, and is offered to businesses and individuals. Without any problems, you can get to the right place in the city or outside it. Our drivers are well-oriented on the roads of St. Petersburg. And if you want to transport a large group of people, you can always count on our vans and minivans. More detailed conditions for ordering, the lineup of cars and prices are on this page.

Many people know that after a long flight you want to relax, and a trip to a hotel or home in an uncomfortable public transport hardly anyone will appreciate. The same thing could spoil the impression, not only to you personally but also to your guests, who arrived in the northern capital. For this reason, it is advisable to consult a professional structures, renders quality freight service. Our drivers will be able to quickly and safely take you anywhere in the city.

Not every organization has sufficient capital to maintain its own vehicle fleet, and corporate trips and business meetings with representatives of other companies are often a problem in modern business. For this reason, our company's services are the most profitable solution. Delivery of the company's employees by a rented minibus with a driver will be an exercise much cheaper than calling a private person or taxi service. Even if the company has a car fleet, then seeing the bills for the wages of drivers and maintenance, management will understand that it is unprofitable. Exactly the same situation concerns meetings of business partners from the airport. Showing his respect for a colleague and thereby establishing a relationship with him is more likely if a prestigious car arrives.

The most popular in the company "Translux" enjoys the rental service of wedding vehicles. Already more than one couple of newlyweds in St. Petersburg took advantage of our services and was more than pleased. We carefully approach the issue of organizing a tuple, we select suitable cars and outfits for drivers. 

Advantages of "Translux"

  1. A wide range of vehicles.
  2. Reasonable rates.
  3. Professional drivers.
  4. Individual approach.
  5. Cooperation with individuals and legal entities.

If you need the services of rental car with a driver in the metro area "Channel Bypass" (St. Petersburg), please contact our company.

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