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Metro Narva: Rent a Car with driver St. Petersburg


Even 200 years ago, people traveled by horse and carriage, thus trying to improve and speed up the conditions of travel. However, such transfers could take several days, weeks, or even months. But after the rapid technological development of the automotive era, distances have remained the same, and the time spent on the road has significantly decreased. Due to the technogenic revolution, travel has become fast, comfortable and safe.

At the same time, not every modern man is able to afford to buy a car, and not everyone can get behind the wheel, even if he is in the garage suitable vehicles. In this connection, a car rental service formed a crew, which is now at the peak of his popularity.

Checkout in the car with a driver at the metro station "Narva" in St. Petersburg, is now simple - just contact quality transport company providing car rental services to choose a suitable car and make a prepayment.

Rent transport company "Translux"

If you need a vehicle with a driver in St. Petersburg to travel around the city and the area, then contact the service for rental cars in our transport company! "Translux" provides customers with a wide range of foreign machinery and complete sets of different classes. You can order cars of economy, business, VIP-class, minivans and minibuses. Provision of service is offered to both private and commercial customers located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Our company is focused on providing high-quality transport services, for this reason, make an order for booking of car with a crew, you will feel confident on the road and will be able to solve the working moments in parallel. After booking, you will receive a car car precisely in the assembly, which is made, together with a qualified driver at the wheel. Thus, we guarantee the safety of its customers during the trip and the prompt arrival to the destination.

We also can order vehicles with a driver for a wedding event. In St. Petersburg, the marriage ceremony distinctive charm, it is no wonder this metropolis, besides the northern capital, is often called the city of romanticism. In order for this special holiday you remember for a long time, the company "Translux" offers executive luxury car, which can be decorated with wedding ornaments to suit every taste.

In addition, it should be recalled that we are working in the field of passenger transport services in the business, tour and travel destinations with 2005 years.

Operate hired transport with driver for a variety of life situations is not only important, but also very advantageous since it eliminates the need to maintain its own car park and spend money on inspection, repair and maintenance staff. Checkout on the car with the driver can at any time and for any period of 3-hours. The customer can still make adjustments to the route and change the car on any free from our company fleet.

We offer only new models of passenger cars, vans and minivans foreign production. You can arrange any option lease with the possibility of extension. More detailed terms offered by the brand cars and prices are on this page.

How to order a car with a driver near the metro station "Narva" (St. Petersburg)

Checkout in several ways:

  • by contacting our manager on the phone;
  • custom cars on the site;
  • personally visiting our office.

We understand that our customer is extremely important that everything was going strictly on the planned scenario, for this reason, guarantee the supply of selected machines in due time.

Benefits of Contacting "Translux":

  1. Affordable prices.
  2. A wide range of services and models of cars.
  3. The high quality of service.
  4. Hour accepting applications.
  5. Experienced professional drivers.
  6. Cooperation with business and individuals.

If you want to rent a car with a driver in the area of ​​"Narva" metro station in Saint Petersburg, please contact us!

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