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Metro International: Rent a Car with driver St. Petersburg


Rent a car with driver is the most versatile of services provided by "Translux". If you need a vehicle for the delivery of guests, business partners, or perhaps you need to combine a beautiful wedding procession Executive, then our company - just what is needed. Even if you just want to ride the city at night with a loved one, we can organize a romantic trip.

Translux offers inexpensive and comfortable car rental services with a driver at the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station (St. Petersburg)! We guarantee a large selection of cars, profitable service and experienced qualified drivers. 

The company's product range includes only new passenger foreign cars, vans and minivans that can be hired for a variety of purposes:

  1. Business sedans and executive class cars are perfect for business meetings, conferences and negotiations.
  2. The budget model of economy class, as a rule, are used for trips outside the city and daily transportation.
  3. Auto VIP class will look good for a wedding convoy, or to meet business partners.
  4. And if a large group of people arrived for a tour or a business trip, become indispensable minivans and minibuses.

Naturally, this is not the whole list, as uses of rental cars with the crew very much. For more details about our servants and tariff plan can be found at this page.

Metro International: rent a car with driver (St. Petersburg), the company "Translux"

Driving a vehicle - a rather complicated task, and not every car owner gets pleasure from it, as very often there are circumstances under which to sit behind the wheel do not want to or is not desirable. Rent a car with a driver means getting rid of the responsibility, which is associated with the operation of the vehicle.

An experienced qualified driver in the modern comfort of the car will make your trip around the city more safe and convenient. And there are a number of confirmations. Here are a few striking examples of when not to do without the help of a professional driver:

  1. You have arrived at another unfamiliar city and want to relax after a long trip on the way to any event. Our service will allow you to relax a little, until you go to the train station or airport to your destination.
  2. In spite of the complete set of modern vehicles with GPS-navigators, the cabin must be present skilled driver. He will be able to choose the optimum route, will take into account all the traditional places where movement is difficult, and so on. D. For this reason, you should give preference to the car rental service with an experienced driver who will be able to as soon as possible to bring you to your destination.
  3. You do not have rights to the vehicle driving. In this case, the driver with a personal car rental will be a real salvation, as you can comfortably get to any place in the city without unpleasant consequences.
  4. If you are driving, we have to deny yourself in the use of alcoholic beverages Once a party or having left the countryside for a picnic. In this case, you can also use our services and continue to quietly relax.

Rent a car with driver in St. Petersburg (the underground "International") on a business or a festive event

Turning to the company "Translux" for transport assistance in any of the holiday, you can expect a high level of service and reasonable prices. Our vehicles are always in perfect technical condition, as are regularly serviced. Among other advantages, which are granted to customers, it should be noted the following:

  • You can rent a car for any length of time from the 3-hours (+ 1 hour landing);
  • cooperation on legal grounds: the formulation of a contract to hire take no more than 10-15 minutes;
  • All vehicle from our fleet are equipped with useful innovative options: high-quality entertainment system, the safety of passengers and the driver system, air conditioning and so on.

Why does the company "Translux" has become an industry leader in the provision of transport services in St. Petersburg and Moscow?

  1. Qualified courteous drivers with a wealth of experience that will ensure the safe movement and well-oriented on the road as in the city and beyond.
  2. Great choice of machines. We have a sufficient number of vehicles, which include both low cost options and executive class cars.
  3. Services are performed quickly without unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape.
  4. Reasonable prices. With one of the best fleets and providing high-quality transport services, our organization has established an effective system of tariffs with reasonable prices.

In addition, it should be noted that the scope of our services applies not only to individuals but also to commercial organizations.

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