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The long-term car rental

Long term rental of cars - a practical solution for companies where necessary:

save on corporate machines content in unstable demand for them - reduced parking costs, maintenance, repair, spare parts, fuel and lubricants;
get the right amount of traffic for a period of fleet renewal and repair of machines;
to increase the transport capacity of the company with minimum capital investment.

Terms of the long-term car rentals "Translux":

The service is designed for at least a month 21 hours.
The use of leased vehicles in the daytime with a range of 8-12 hours.
Territory - within the boundaries of Moscow Moscow, St. Petersburg.
Daily mileage is unlimited.
Maintenance and repair of transportation as a result of failures or "Translux" accidents performs independently.

Rent a car or several cars helps business owners to concentrate on running your business, handing over his routine concerns about the transport content.

Services of long-term rental cars are also designed for private clients, arriving in Moscow or St. Petersburg for a long time - to travel, study, work under contract, rest, etc...

The cost of long-term lease

Prices for long term rental business class cars, taking into account the duration of the working day. The price includes:
- Costs for fuel, lubricants and other consumables;
- Insurance MTPL and CASCO.

Economy class:

The duration of the working day8 hours9 hours10 hours12 hours
The cost for the day 15 440 rub.6 140 rub.6 600 rub.7 800 rub.
For 1 month (21 day)114 240 rub.128 940 rub.138 600 rub.163 800 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working day8 hours9 hours10 hours12 hours
The cost for the day 16240 rubles.7040 rubles.7600 rubles.9000 rubles.
For 1 month (21 day)131 040 rub.147 840 rub.159 600 rub.189 000 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working day8 hours9 hours10 hours12 hours
The cost for the day 17 040 rub.7 970 rub.8 600 rub.10 200 rub.
For 1 month (21 day)147 840 rub.167 370 rub.180 600 rub.214 200 rub.

Economy class:

The duration of the working dayThe cost for the day 1For 1 month (21 day)
8 hours5 440 rub.114 240 rub.
9 hours6 140 rub.128 940 rub.
10 hours6 600 rub.138 600 rub.
12 hours7 800 rub.163 800 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working dayThe cost for the day 1For 1 month (21 day)
8 hours6240 rubles.131 040 rub.
9 hours7040 rubles.147 840 rub.
10 hours7600 rubles.159 600 rub.
12 hours9000 rubles.189 000 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working dayThe cost for the day 1For 1 month (21 day)
8 hours7 040 rub.147 840 rub.
9 hours7 970 rub.167 370 rub.
10 hours8 600 rub.180 600 rub.
12 hours10 200 rub.214 200 rub.

* On car rental prices are without VAT

5 advantages of long-term lease cars in "Translux"

A wide selection of vehicles business class, economy and business categories allows you to rent a car to fully meet the needs and budget.
Individual approach in choosing cars and drivers shaping the terms of cooperation and payment scheme services.
Affordable prices on car hire.
The professionalism of the drivers and thorough knowledge of the capital, guaranteeing a decent level of service and choice of optimal routes.
For larger orders special conditions are provided.

For questions about the "Translux 'services please contact the managers.

The long-term car rental - service users which in most cases are the medium and large companies that are hiring cars for their employees. In "Translux" every company is interested in this service can choose a model with different price categories. Long term rental cars for official use provides maximum comfort even during long journeys. Excluding the balance of the company's vehicle maintenance costs, you will not have to worry about his condition.

The service is a long-term lease cars from the company "Translux"

The absence of a personal car - it's not a reason to remain without a "wheel." Not everyone can afford to get the car of their dreams. And if without transport you can not do, it is recommended to resort to our rental services. More reasonable is the long-term car rental.

It is well suited to both legal entities and individuals, and allows you to:

choose a complete set and model of the vehicle any comfort level and use it for a long time
not to worry about all sorts of formalities and the technical condition of cars
excluded from the balance of the company's vehicle maintenance costs and staff

In the case of routine servicing or breakdowns of the car the customer receives exactly the same model at their disposal.

The price for long term rental car turns, compared to the hour, much less, therefore, available to a wide range of consumers.

The long-term car rental: options

If you are interested in this service, "Translux" offers at your disposal any motor vehicle fleet of the rich.

Here you can rent different models of cars for a long time, namely:

  • economy cars (Ford Focus, Nissan Almera, Renault Logan);
  • cars Business class (Mercedes E 212, Mercedes E213 AMG, Mazda 6, Nissan Teana, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Camry);
  • executive class cars (Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Mercedes S221, BMW 745 Long, Mercedes S222, Audi A8, Bentley Continental FS, Mercedes S222).

Today, many companies in Moscow offer long-term rental cars. Among them are large capital firm and young. Some limit the mileage, while others require a deposit. We offer our customers the most free and comfortable conditions. With us you do not have to rely on the mileage limit, collect and certify various documents. Our cooperation scheme as transparent as possible and trivial.

This repair and maintenance of transport as a result of accidents or breakdowns, our company "Translux" takes over.

A wide choice of economy cars and business category, business class allows you to rent the car that best fits your budget and needs.

Benefits of long-term rental

Favorable conditions for cooperation.
"Translux" offers cars of various classes with reasonable price to pay for rent. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, we provide a replacement vehicle.
Professional decoration.
Managers of our company will advise you on the rental agreement and make according to legal norms. For a correct and timely processing financial statements, we offer an act of execution of the order and the invoice.
We offer our customers only the new cars equipped with modern security features. Technology and materials used in the equipment of vehicles meet the latest environmental standards.
Operational delivery of cars.
Long term rentals is generated when the client has all the necessary documents. In this case, its design takes no more than 10-20 minutes. At your disposal car comes immediately after signing the contract.
Excellent condition car park.
Our staff regularly monitor the technical condition of the car and lead appropriate care. Long term rental cars in "Translux" - is to provide a vehicle without flags, stickers and other promotional attributes.

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