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The long-term car rental

Long-term car rental is a service that is mainly used by medium and large companies for organizing corporate and business trips. The TransLux company has a large fleet of vehicles and can offer its customers a car of any model and price category. Using the long-term rental service, you or your employees will receive maximum comfort while moving around the city. By placing an order with us, you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the vehicle - it will not be on the balance sheet of your company.

Long-term car rental – may be required in the following cases:

there is no need to constantly use the car - transport services will save on car repair and maintenance;
obtaining cars in the required quantity for the period of car repair of the vehicle fleet of your organization or its renewal;
increasing the transport potential of the organization with little financial investment.

Terms of the long-term car rentals "Translux":

The minimum rental period for this service is 21 days per month;
The territory of travel is Moscow (limited by the Moscow Ring Road) and St. Petersburg;
Daily mileage without restrictions;
Rental cars can be used during the day within the range of working hours from 8 to 12;
We undertake the obligation to maintain and repair the rented vehicle in the event of breakdowns, including as a result of accidents.

Rent a car or several cars helps business owners to concentrate on running your business, handing over his routine concerns about the transport content.

The services of our company can also be used by individuals who need to organize a transfer from the airport during regular business trips to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Also, our clients are persons arriving in the capital to work under a contract or to study.

The cost of long-term lease

Prices for long term rental business class cars, taking into account the duration of the working day. The price includes:
- Costs for fuel, lubricants and other consumables;
- Insurance MTPL and CASCO.

Economy class:

The duration of the working day8 hours9 hours10 hours12 hours
The cost for the day 15 440 rub.6 140 rub.6 600 rub.7 800 rub.
For 1 month (21 day)114 240 rub.128 940 rub.138 600 rub.163 800 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working day8 hours9 hours10 hours12 hours
The cost for the day 16240 rubles.7040 rubles.7600 rubles.9000 rubles.
For 1 month (21 day)131 040 rub.147 840 rub.159 600 rub.189 000 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working day8 hours9 hours10 hours12 hours
The cost for the day 17 040 rub.7 970 rub.8 600 rub.10 200 rub.
For 1 month (21 day)147 840 rub.167 370 rub.180 600 rub.214 200 rub.

Economy class:

The duration of the working dayThe cost for the day 1For 1 month (21 day)
8 hours5 440 rub.114 240 rub.
9 hours6 140 rub.128 940 rub.
10 hours6 600 rub.138 600 rub.
12 hours7 800 rub.163 800 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working dayThe cost for the day 1For 1 month (21 day)
8 hours6240 rubles.131 040 rub.
9 hours7040 rubles.147 840 rub.
10 hours7600 rubles.159 600 rub.
12 hours9000 rubles.189 000 rub.

Business Class:

The duration of the working dayThe cost for the day 1For 1 month (21 day)
8 hours7 040 rub.147 840 rub.
9 hours7 970 rub.167 370 rub.
10 hours8 600 rub.180 600 rub.
12 hours10 200 rub.214 200 rub.

* On car rental prices are without VAT

5 advantages of long-term lease cars in "Translux"

Large selection of cars. Our fleet is represented by economy class, business class and executive class cars. You can also rent a Premium class car (VIP) and a minibus.
Individual approach to each client. We form the terms of cooperation, including the payment scheme, taking into account the transport needs of our customers and the available budget.
Honest pricing policy. We set democratic prices for car rental services, which do not change during the validity of the cooperation agreement.
The staff includes professional drivers with many years of driving experience and impeccable knowledge of the city. This allows us to guarantee the provision of the highest level of service and the selection of optimal routes.
We offer special conditions for large orders.

For questions about the "Translux 'services please contact the managers.

The long-term car rental - service users which in most cases are the medium and large companies that are hiring cars for their employees. In "Translux" every company is interested in this service can choose a model with different price categories. Long term rental cars for official use provides maximum comfort even during long journeys. Excluding the balance of the company's vehicle maintenance costs, you will not have to worry about his condition.

The service is a long-term lease cars from the company "Translux"

The presence of a car makes a person absolutely free to move around. But not every resident of the capital can afford to buy a car, and many people are not at all ready for the costs that will inevitably follow after purchasing a vehicle. If you are not the owner of a personal car, but you need a car for business trips, study or personal matters, we recommend that you use the services of a long-term car rental. It is suitable for both individuals and legal entities, allowing each category to:

choose a vehicle model in accordance with the requirements of the comfort level and use it for a long time;
do not worry about the technical condition of the car and related formalities;
exclude from the organization's balance sheet all expenses related to the maintenance of the car and maintenance personnel.

The price of transport services rented for a long period is less when compared with the hourly payment of a car. In addition, according to the terms of the contract, if the car requires repair during the leased period, the client will receive a similar car model in return.

The long-term car rental: options

If you are interested in a long-term car rental service, then we can offer you different models of cars from our fleet of the following categories:

Here you can rent different models of cars for a long time, namely:

  • economy class - Renault Logan, Nissan Almera and Ford Focus;
  • business class - Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana;
  • executive class - Mercedes S221 and S222, BMW 745, Audi A8 and other models.

Car rental is a popular service offered by many metropolitan companies, but some work on the terms of a deposit, while others practice a mileage limit. We create comfortable conditions for each of our clients and offer the most transparent and comfortable cooperation schemes for our clients.

Benefits of long-term rental

Favorable conditions for cooperation.
In our company you can rent a car of any model and category at an attractive price. If the car breaks down as a result of an accident or for other reasons, we will quickly replace the car with another one, and we will repair the damaged car at the expense of our organization.
Professional decoration.
We will advise you on any questions regarding the registration of a car rental. The contract is drawn up in compliance with legal norms, the necessary documents are provided for financial statements - an invoice and an act on the provision of services.
Our fleet includes only new cars equipped with modern security systems.
Operational delivery of cars.
Paperwork takes no more than 20 minutes. After the conclusion of the contract, you get the car at your disposal.
Excellent condition car park.
Employees of the TransLux company monitor the technical condition of all vehicles in our fleet. There are no stickers or other advertising paraphernalia on our cars.

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