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Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Hourly car rental 1900 rubles. / hour
Minimum rental
3 + 1 = 7600 rubles.
8000 rub.
Number of Passengers
Wedding celebration
2500 rub.
Photos of this vehicle may vary, if you want to see in advance a photo of your car is - we will send you a photo when booking or on request.

* Car rental prices are without VAT


General information:

Affordable rental Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with a driver in the "TransLux" will not only save you time and money, but also ensure the highest comfort of the trip! To each client our company strives to provide the most favorable and convenient service. This rule we strictly follow in everything.

Our drivers are polite, considerate and responsible. Great professional experience allows them to orientate perfectly in the city and the region. When the car is operated by one of our chauffeurs, the passenger is guaranteed a safe trip along the most optimal route.

We offer Toyota Land Cruiser 200 machines in an exemplary technical condition. Vehicles regularly pass the TO and arrive to customers, sparkling with cleanliness and brilliance. Employees of the company carefully monitor that cars produced the most favorable impression on customers.

Rent Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is available to private individuals and commercial firms. For corporate clients we will issue a full package of accounting documents for accounting. You will receive detailed information on the procedure for providing services from our managers by contacting them by phone or by sending an application through the website.

To rent Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in "TransKluxe" + 7 (495) 649-07-59!

The best machines for our customers!

In addition to Toyota, we can order a minibus in Moscow cheap for weddings, transfers, transport support for delegations, etc. We also rent Ford Mondeo, Mercedes S222 and other cars. To get acquainted with the full list of models go to the section "Fleet", which provides comprehensive information about all our machines.

Trusting our company, you choose a carrier with an impeccable reputation. For the high quality of service, we were repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards. The list of regular customers, including the Moscow City Government and the Gazprom corporation, proves our consistency. We invite you to see the advantages of our modern and convenient service!

Why choose our transport company?

  • Large selection of machines for different budgets and tasks.
  • Strict observance of obligations to customers.
  • Reasonable prices for hourly rental of vehicles.
  • Making an order for 5 minutes and submitting the car for 15.
  • Full documentary support for the provision of services.

Rental Toyoyta Land Cruiser 200 with a driver is always profitable and convenient, if you are a customer of the company "TransLux"! To call the machine, call + 7 (495) 649-07-59!


Description of the service:
  • transport service events
November 2019, XNUMX
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
27 August - 1 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
4-6 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
22-27 August 2019
Description of the service:
  • individual transport service
  • transfer from airport

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Add a review

Alexander Gorbunovich
I am applying to TransLux for the third time. The guys did not disappoint, as always, everything is on top! The car is chic, made a good impression on my partners. Moving in it is a pleasure! I recommend!
Arsen Mikakelyan
I took advantage of a friend's advice and rented a car for Toyota. A good, comfortable car for both the driver and the passenger. I rented several times for trips around the city.
Pavel Kondratievich
Without exaggeration, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 can be called one of the best options for out-of-town trips. He perfectly copes with impassability, does not lose speed. I like to rent this car and often use the services of "TransLux".
Anatoly Viktorovich
We rented a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with a driver for a country holiday. The car's interior is very comfortable. Unevenness in rough terrain suspension swallows perfectly. Suitable for any purpose.