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Mercedes S222

Mercedes S222
Hourly car rental 2100 rubles. / hour
Minimum rental
3 + 1 = 8400 rubles.
8400 rub.
Number of Passengers
Wedding celebration
5 + 1 = 18000 rubles.
Photos of this vehicle may vary, if you want to see in advance a photo of your car is - we will send you a photo when booking or on request.

* Car rental prices are without VAT


General information:

You can order the car Mercedes S 222 for rent with a driver at a reasonable price 2500 rubles / h, the car rental Mercedes 222 the S with the driver, it is possible both in Moscow and in the country, over long distances. Within Moscow possible Mercedes S 222 rent with the driver on the individual circumstances.


  • climate control
  • leather
  • Electrical
  • airbags
  • sound system
  • video system
  • heated seats
  • alloy wheels
  • active safety systems

In the fleet of "Translux" There are white and black cars Mercedes S-class (222). This is the most popular model of the executive class of the German automaker "Mercedes-Benz".

This is what is called a handsome standard of taste and success, a symbol of excellence in the modern automotive world. A Rent Mercedes S-class (222) is very popular among the high-ranking officials, politicians, pop stars in recent years, film and television in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The manufacturer "Mercedes" is constantly improving the technology used in its production, and raises the bar in front of the rest of the global auto companies. Order rent a flawless car Mercedes S 222 You can at any time in our company.

Rental of white "Mercedes» S 222 the grand event will emphasize its important status. Arrival on such car to the entrance of the night club will make a splash at all, standing at the counter face control!

White rent Order MercedesS-class (222) the driver will be a wonderful gift to a dear man in honor of his birthday, or other specifics about.

Black MercedesS 222 will come in handy for business travelers. In our car park there are several cars of this model, which we are pleased to offer to its customers. If you have any special requirements for the equipment or cars Interior, we are ready to listen to them and discuss over the phone or at a meeting in the office. For example, an expensive option First Class is not suitable for those passengers who want to travel in the back seat three. If you are going to travel together or alone, this option will be an excellent complement to other elements of comfort.

Call to our company, and you are up to date information about available machines will be given promotions and discounts. Also, our staff can advise on the best option rent a car, according to your tastes, preferences and financial capabilities.

Mercedes S 222 - a new car on the market, which, thanks to its impeccable quality has become a benchmark in the automotive industry. Having a lease of the car in our company, you will be able to estimate its elegant design, luxurious interior and technical perfection.

Rental Benefits Mercedes S-class (222)

Transport passenger services from TransLux company will help you solve any problems with leisure, travel and work. Rent 222-th Mercedes S-Class - the best choice for successful organization:

  • Transfer to the station or to the airport and back;
  • support and meeting business partners;
  • business travel;
  • excursions in St. Petersburg and Moscow;
  • weddings.

Specifications and intelligent layout of the car interior business class can surprise any motorist:

  • comfortable seats are equipped with built-in massage option;
  • adjustable feature climate control;
  • modern entertainment system will brighten up even long trips.

It is also a unique feature of this car is the ability to transform the rear passenger sitting in bed in one motion. Only in the Mercedes S 222 passenger can fully enjoy the comfort and quiet and get safely to the destination.

Lease terms

Rent Mercedes S-class (222) in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the company of "Translux" is carried out on earth prices with flexible discounts for regular customers. Minimum rental time is auto 3 1 hours + hour to deliver.


Description of the service:
  • transport service events
November 2019, XNUMX
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
27 August - 1 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
4-6 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
22-27 August 2019
Description of the service:
  • individual transport service
  • transfer from airport

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Add a review

Sergey V.
For the third time I use the services of the company \\\ "Translux Suite \\\". Now decided to stop on the car Mercedes S 222 and not disappointed. A comfortable car makes a good impression. Thank you!
Kristina Yakusheva
We ordered wedding cars. The motorcade made of Mercedes looked really impressive, for which you have a special thank you. For such a relatively low fee, we are unlikely to have found the same somewhere. Cars are clean, drivers are polite. It is noticeable that the company cares about its reputation. Arrived on time, we did not have to wait for the filing of the motorcade (although I was very worried about this). If you ever need a car, I'll turn to TransLux. Thank you very much.
Elena Golubeva
For a long time I dreamed of visiting St. Petersburg, so when I had the opportunity, it was decided to do everything with the utmost comfort. An excellent solution was a luxury car from the company "TransLux". The driver went exactly according to the routes I compiled, so the impressions of the tour were unforgettable.
Alexander Nikolaevich
I came to Moscow for work so I got in touch with the company "TransLux" in advance of my car rent with the driver. The Mercedes S 222 ordered by me was filed on time, and the driver knew the city perfectly, so all the scheduled meetings were without delay. Impressions are exceptionally positive, in the future I plan to apply only to this company.