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Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia
Hourly car rental 700 rubles. / hour
Minimum rental
2 + 1 = 2100 rubles.
2800 rub.
Number of Passengers
Wedding celebration
4 + 1 = 3500 rubles.
Business day (More)
5440 rubles.

Service "Business Day"

use of a car with a driver for business trips in the city (within the Moscow Ring Road)

8 hours
5440 rubles.
10 hours
6600 rubles.
12 hours
7800 rubles.
Photos of this vehicle may vary, if you want to see in advance a photo of your car is - we will send you a photo when booking or on request.

* Car rental prices are without VAT


General information:

You can order a car Skoda Octavia rent with a driver at a reasonable price 700 rubles / hour, Ford Focus car rental is possible both in Moscow and in the country over long distances. Within Moscow can be a long-term Skoda Octavia Car hire with driver on individual conditions.

Car rental Skoda Octavia is the budget option for those who know how to save.

airbag. Passenger airbag. Power windows. Velour interior. Alloy wheels. Heated seats. Air conditioning. Cassette.

Car SkodaOctavia designed by the Czech company. Rent a car of this model in "Translux" You get a roomy and excellent exterior, high-power engine, a comfortable lounge. Besides Octavia has a good ride and excellent handling.

Renting SkodaOctavia through our company, you can count on cheaper lease options and favorable conditions of cooperation. Also you have the possibility to choose cars SkodaOctavia on shares and special offers, information about which we often place on the site. Thus the already inexpensive car rental is even more cheap and profitable.

You can contact our managers, which are qualitatively, quickly and free of charge for you to choose the best option for rent, saving you time searching for a decent car rental company, to avoid fraud.

Services Rent "Skoda Octavia" can take advantage of legal and private persons, including foreigners, who came to our country.

Specials SkodaOctavia rent from "Translux"

Car rental services offered by our company, is in high demand is not by chance among our customers. The manufactured by the German company Volkswagen car features a large trunk, a spacious interior, excellent running characteristics. It shows his best qualities as in the country, and in the metropolis, namely excellent road holding, provides a safe and comfortable journey the driver and passengers in all weather conditions.

Rent SkodaOctavia costs in our company "Translux" at a low cost, and we do not ask for a deposit for the car, but only an advance payment of the estimated hours of rent, which you can order without leaving your home for a few minutes.

If you appreciate the qualities of roominess, safety, high level of comfort, it is better to opt for this model car. Now rent a car in Moscow are offered by many organizations, but we offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

The most significant features of the car Skoda Octavia - this:

  • modern systems and technologies to save fuel;
  • will ride, a special type of shock absorber, a relatively high ground clearance - all of this notice, even an inexperienced driver;
  • high level of comfort (adjustable seats, steering wheel hydraulic booster, the presence of on-board computer).

For more information on car hire Skoda Octavia You can always check with the company's employees "Translux".

Roomy trunk and spacious interior Skoda Octavia - the essential qualities that will be appreciated by you on advantage.

The powerful engine, excellent dynamic performance, agility and obedience cars, equipping of interior technical facilities, stylish decoration of the interior - are only some of the distinctive features of this model, which is ideal for rental.

You are interested in cooperation with us, because:

  • cars will be prepared for the upcoming trip;
  • Rental cars available at any time for the required period;
  • our prices on an hourly rental with driver you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you decide to rent a car Skoda Octavia in our company "Translux", you get a guarantee of comfort at low cost.


Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
27 August - 1 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
4-6 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
22-27 August 2019
Description of the service:
  • individual transport service
  • transfer from airport
05.08 - 08.08.2019
Description of the service:
  • individual transport service
  • Moscow-Tula crossing

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Sergey M.
I took advantage of renting a car with a driver on the advice of a friend. Appealed to the company TransLux, really very convenient! Thank you for the great service! Auto clean, driver neat! 5 +++
I liked everything very much: the order was accepted at midnight !!!!! the driver arrived in advance! the route was not easy, but everything went smoothly!
Gleb Pavlovich
About the company "TransLyuks" learned about a year ago. Searched through the Internet affordable car rental economy class with a driver. The most acceptable option was Skoda Octavia. The salon is clean, well-groomed, running qualities are excellent, for everyday trips, what's needed, most importantly - is inexpensive.
Vlad Serenyev
If you need a car for trips around the city or outside it, I recommend to contact here. Often I rent a Skoda Octavia car with a driver. While traveling, I can calmly solve business issues on the phone or just enjoy the trip itself. There is no need to be distracted by the road. In addition, hourly rent turns out to be more profitable than taxi services.
Leonid Vakulin
I have been renting Skoda Octavia from TransLux for a long time. Excellent budget car. Still never on what did not complain. The company provides a good service, provides an experienced driver and offers good conditions for long-term cooperation.