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Mercedes E 213

Mercedes E 213
Hourly car rental 1400 rubles. / hour
Minimum rental
2 + 1 = 4200 rubles.
4200 rub.
Number of Passengers
Wedding celebration
4 + 1 = 8500 rubles.
Business day (More)
11200 rubles.

Service "Business Day"

use of a car with a driver for business trips in the city (within the Moscow Ring Road)

8 hours
11200 rubles.
10 hours
13900 rubles.
12 hours
16560 rubles.


General information:

In our company you can order a rental car "Mercedes E213" with a driver at an attractive price of 1200 rubles per hour. The rental of a new sedan is possible both in Moscow and outside the city, over long distances. Within the capital, a long-term car rental with a driver is offered on favorable individual terms.

The latest level of interior ergonomics and thoughtfulness of all units, assemblies and details of the car to the smallest detail make the Mercedes E213 an ideal car for daily trips around the city.
The adjustable center armrest, can adjust the front seats in length and height create favorable conditions for rental submitted sedan with a driver and without crew.
You will remember the time of renting an E-class Mercedes with the best minutes of operating a perfect car.
The back row seats are equipped with a comfortable center armrest. Renting a Mercedes E213 for business trips on long-distance routes allows you to use the car no less comfortably than a short-term rental. Transfer to the airport in a rented Mercedes E213 car guarantees comfort in all its understandings, because the volume of the luggage compartment is enough to load 4 suitcases into it.

Full car name: Mercedes E213
Body Style: Sedan
Engine: 2.0 liter petrol
Transmission Type: Automatic
Vehicle Category: B
YOM: 2016

Mercedes E213 is a car of a famous German concern. Cars of this model attract special attention of both young people and middle-aged customers. The beauty of such a car is its elegant yet highly aggressive appearance, including unsurpassed handling characteristics. Beautiful, comfortable, dynamic cars with excellent performance characteristics are one of the best offers on the modern market.

Renting a Mercedes E213 is the most popular way that has been used for many years. This is not surprising, given the success of the model, a reasonable ratio of quality / price, which is facilitated by the German control system. Clients need Mercedes E213 rental with a driver for the following purposes: corporate car, business travel, transfer, personal car of the director of the company.

In addition, such vehicles can always please the presence of e-filling. All elements emphasize its level of comfort and manufacturability.

The website of our company "TransLux" presents the most advantageous offers for renting a Mercedes E213 with a driver. The consultants will be able to help you in clarifying all the issues of cooperation and will help make car rental cheaper and more profitable. Let us remind you that we offer our regular customers lower tariffs for services, promotions and bonuses.

Services of our company can take advantage of both private and legal persons, including Citizens of other countries who arrived in Moscow and St. Petersburg on business and decided to move on megacities comfortable. ESP and ESP systems make the car comfortable and maneuverable in the hands of a professional driver.

Comfortable seats, air condition and radio make travel in a car of this brand safe and enjoyable. WIL technology machine equipment allows to get rid of neck injuries, and special bags that are on the sides and frontally to the first row of seats, will save in case of accident.

Renting a Mercedes E213 is an opportunity to get maximum positive emotions while traveling by car of this class. The car is especially relevant for moving around the city with the whole family thanks to the equipment of child seats.

rental Benefits mercedes E213

There are several advantages and benefits that you will get by renting a Mercedes E213 car with a driver from TransLux:

  • Modern and stylish car that can solve a variety of tasks: from daily trips for shopping and to the festive processions.
  • Safe and comfortable ride - the car has all the conditions to ensure the comfort of passengers, and the level of safety is one of the best among all "classmates".
  • Attractive conditions - lease for a long period implies obtaining more favorable conditions for cooperation.

The main thing that Mercedes E213 car rental gives is comfort and unique style. It is not for nothing that such a model is often referred not to the middle class, but to the premium (such a model really deserves it). Rent a really stylish and comfortable car with a driver in our company, which is equally suitable for business trips, wedding procession and daily family trips.


Description of the service:
  • transport service events
26-30 May 2021
Description of the service:
  • transport service events
November 2019, XNUMX
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
27 August - 1 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
4-6 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
22-27 August 2019

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Vitaly Alexandrovich
I rented a car for the whole day. Comfortable movement, polite driver, adequate prices. Probably, I will not be able to use taxi services any more.) With TransLyuks, traveling around the metropolis has become much more convenient! Thank you!
Jaroslav Valentinovich
I chose a car specifically for meeting and escorting potential investors. Miscalculations in this matter would be unacceptable. I am glad that everything went as planned: I was given a car with a competent driver, in pure form and with a well-groomed salon. As a result, our company managed to conclude an important contract. Thank you for your cooperation.
Sergei S.
I came to St. Petersburg for a business meeting, accordingly to appear to potential clients by taxi is not entirely prudent. Having found out about the possibility to hire Mercedes E213 AMG together with the driver, I immediately contacted the representatives of the company. I will say briefly the service at altitude. It should be noted that hourly rent is even more profitable than hiring a taxi.
I came to the capital from work. Directly from the airport I was picked up by a Mercedes E213 AMG car hired by our company with a driver. The car has surpassed all my expectations. Traveling in it is a real pleasure, but I would especially like to note the professionalism of the driver, who not only knew the city well, but was also a very pleasant conversationalist. Now I recommend to everyone the company "TransLyuks".