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Mercedes E 212 (Rest)

Mercedes E 212 (Rest)
Hourly car rental 1100 rubles. / hour
Minimum rental
2 + 1 = 3300 rubles.
3400 rub.
Number of Passengers
Wedding celebration
4 + 1 = 8000 rubles.
Business day (More)
8400 rubles.

Service "Business Day"

use of a car with a driver for business trips in the city (within the Moscow Ring Road)

8 hours
8400 rubles.
10 hours
10200 rubles.
12 hours
12000 rubles.
Photos of this vehicle may vary, if you want to see in advance a photo of your car is - we will send you a photo when booking or on request.

* Car rental prices are without VAT


General information:

You can order a car Mercedes E 212 rent with a driver at a reasonable price 1100 rubles / h, car rental Mercedes E 212 possible both in Moscow and in the country over long distances. Within Moscow Mercedes E 212 possible long-term car hire with driver on individual conditions.

When ordering, you can choose the color of the car, is now available to rent cars Mercedes E 212 black and white photo of cars presented on this page.

Technical characteristics of the car Mercedes E 212
Full name of the car: Mercedes E 212
Body Style: Sedan
Engine: petrol 1.8l
Transmission type: automatic, 6-speed
Vehicle Category: B
YOM: 2015

TransLux Company is engaged in providing services of rent a car with driver for over 10 years. The staff have extensive experience in their field and serve the company's customers professionally at the highest level.

Truck fleet consists of a variety of models for every taste and budget. In the business class segment has a lot of popularity rent Mercedes E 212 black / white (restyling).

Rental of vehicles with driver made for any purpose at any time

Due to the large workload, it is not always possible to take children from a kindergarten or school. Help to solve this problem can rent a car with a personal driver. Also, the service will have to by the way, if you need to hold a business meeting with your partner. Not every organization has the opportunity to maintain official vehicles and pay for the work of additional staff. In addition, often there are production overlays, for example, the service car is now on another site. In order not to go to important negotiations on public transport, you can book a rental Mercedes E 212 (restyling). In our fleet there are models of black and white color, the car equipment fully corresponds to the business class.

No wonder they say that meet on clothes person. In order to keep the image of the bar at a high level, we advise our clients to rent a car business and executive class. They will be worthy to look in the eyes of your business partners, will be pleased with the comfort and reliability in the way you and your colleagues. In particular, the most successful solution is to rent a restyled version of the Mercedes E 212. In the new guise, he looks gorgeous, and costs rental business class.

It so happens that the work has to be delayed until late, as personal driver has completed its schedule. In order to leave his place of residence in the confidentiality order a rental car with a driver in "Translux". This is a great version of the solution out of this situation.

Our company has long been engaged in providing passenger transportation, and now the geography of services extends to the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, security and high level of comfort in the way of our passengers. We have been serving both private and corporate clients. Cooperation with the company "Translux" envisages the signing of the contract, which clearly indicate the responsibilities of both parties.

For private customers renting a Mercedes E 212 black / white (restyling) with a driver may be needed for a wedding service. To serve the personnel of the companies this model of the car will fit as an auto founder or head of the company. Long-term car rental is provided at a separate, more favorable rate, details can be found by contacting our customer support. If you once used the services of our company, then, undoubtedly, will come back to us again, making sure in the professionalism of the personnel and the serviceability of the vehicles provided for rent.

TransLux company provides:

  • Transfer to the train station or airport. Guaranteed to meet customers arriving in the city, regardless of the time of day.
  • Rent a wedding car.
  • Rent a car for the transportation of children to kindergarten or school.
  • A car with a personal driver to meet business partners, who arrived in town for a business meeting.
  • Rent Mercedes E 212 with a driver at a fixed price, which does not depend on the time of day or night.

Feel free to contact us, we will help make your life more convenient and comfortable!


Description of the service:
  • transport service events
November 2019, XNUMX
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
27 August - 1 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
4-6 September 2019
Description of the service:
  • Individual transport service
22-27 August 2019
Description of the service:
  • individual transport service
  • transfer from airport

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Add a review

Maxim Viktorovich
A chic and comfortable car. Thanks to the company, impressed the partners! The price is adequate, much more profitable than I would use a taxi.
Eduard Romanovich
I flew to Moscow for work. Local partners specifically hired me for a car. The driver met me with a pre-prepared table and neatly loaded his baggage - his professionalism surprised me pleasantly. Talking about the comfort of the car Mercedes E 212, in my opinion there is no point. In general, the service is at the highest level. Now I will recommend the company "TransLux" to all my friends.
Irina Vasilieva
I ordered a transfer from the airport to the company "TransLux". The Mercedes E 212 car arrived, the driver met, while being very polite. Delivered intact and safe to the destination. In short, the company fully met all expectations. If in the future I still have to order a car, I now know who to contact.
Antonina Dmitrieva
We decided to go for a ride around the city with friends, but wanted something unusual. We ordered a Mercedes E 212 car with a driver in the company "TransLux". A car of a representative class is therefore difficult to describe. Everything is so elegant and exquisite that you immediately feel like a real star. But the most interesting thing is that in the end, hourly rent was much more profitable than a taxi. I advise everyone.
Nadezhda Nesterova
Our company often rents a Mercedes in the TransLux with a driver to service corporate events. Especially in the honor of the management - restyled Mercedes E 212. The car is in excellent condition, the driver is friendly, courteous and polite. Please do not regret it.
Valentin Ivanov
I work in a solid international company, so I spend a lot of time on business trips. Quite often, moving around the city becomes a real test, but not this time. Thanks to the company "TransLux" I got a Mercedes E 212 car with an experienced driver for use. Service at the highest level, all very much. From now on, I will only use the services of this company.