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SPIEF 2017

Description of the service:
  • Transportation of guests and participants of SPIEF-2017
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Literally a few days ago in St. Petersburg fuss rushed. Thousands of visitors hurried to the economic forum, the hotels are crowded, there is no free transport. Everyone could feel a special atmosphere, a special tension and a special mood.

And only those who took care of everything in advance (about booking hotels, about meetings at the airport, about transport services from 1 to 3 June) were able to calmly immerse themselves in the business atmosphere.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) has already been completed. Every year, TransLux provides assistance to the forum participants in providing transport for the entire period of the event. With all the responsibility and attention already 31 May met the guests in Pulkovo, at the Moscow and Finland stations. We took care of the accreditation of cars in advance. This allowed the unimpeded access to the site of the forum on the special pass.

If you have an important event and need reliable transport service - we recommend TransLux. More than 11 years on the market of transport services in the business sphere, in the field of MICE.

  • Transportation of guests and participants of SPIEF-2018