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Maintenance of the Patriot Park, Alabino 2017

Description of the service:
  • Maintenance of the Patriot Park, Alabino 2017
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Servicing the Patriot Park meant different trips: both corporate and private. For servicing the project, the TransLux company allocated 10 Mercedes Sprinters, several minivans, 2 passenger cars - the passengers were foreign pilots and mechanics. Briefly about the results of this project:

  • Rent 10 Sprinters from 19 on 28 August. Routes: airports - hotels - Kubinka - back.
  • Rent "Camry" - car for guidance from 23 on 29 August 2017. Routes: Moscow - Kubinka-Moscow.
  • Rental "Mazda 6" in the period from 21.08.17 to 08.17. Route: Smolenka - Patriot - Smolenka.
  • Rent Minivans and "Sprinters" from 12 on 15 August - transfer to the morning in the Landfill and transfer back in the evening. The customer was the Limited Liability Company "International Congresses and Exhibitions".
  • Transportation of guests and participants of SPIEF-2018