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Service of the Petersburg Dialogue Forum

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November 2019, XNUMX
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Petersburg Dialogue is a joint Russian-German forum of civil societies. It was created in 2001 on the initiative of President of the Russian Federation V. Putin and German Chancellor G. Schroeder to deepen understanding between the two states and to cooperate in all public spheres.

This is a wide and open platform for discussing key social issues, as well as issues of relations between Russia and Germany. It allows you to create a sustainable basis for cooperation, which does not depend on the current political situation.

In addition, the Petersburg Dialogue Forum serves as the basis for the development of joint projects in various fields - from health and culture to the economy. An important role in the events is played by St. Petersburg University, which provides expert analytical and organizational support.

Both well-known figures of both countries and representatives of young elites are involved in the Forum. During the Forum, the most acute and relevant issues of relations between Russia and Germany in all spheres of activity - from economics and politics to culture and education. The main advantage of the Petersburg Dialogue Forum is that representatives of different spheres of German and Russian society are involved in the discussion and search for the best ways.

The main form of work is annual conferences held alternately in Germany and Russia, at which all the nuances of existing bilateral relations are discussed. In addition, ten working groups of the Forum are constantly held throughout the year: Environmental Modernization, Healthcare, Culture, Workshop of the Future, Churches in Europe, Civil Society, Mass Media, Science and Education "," Economics "," Politics ".

In 2019, TransLux was involved in the organization of events, providing Forum participants with cars with a driver. See photo frames from the events in the attachments.

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