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MAX 2017

Description of the service:
  • Transportation service for the MAX 2017 aerospace exhibition
Order individual transport service at an attractive price!
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Everyone, from small to large, with great trepidation expected to see unusual tricks of pilots, as well as live to look at civil aviation. The one who has visited MAX 2017 is really full of emotions and the spirit of patriotism.

Yes, we, too, were lucky to visit MAX 2017. For those who read or hear about us for the first time - we are a transport company "TransLux", which provides transportation services for the transportation of passengers, both legal entities and physical. It is the transport service of events that is one of the subsections of our specialization. As in previous years, this year we helped transport companies to different companies from different cities of Russia. Everyone knows that many places were blocked, but we took care of the special pass in advance, it helped to easily enter the territory of the show.

Many this year have shown the initiative to reach the family with a car ordering a transfer from us. Others - they booked a car with a driver for the whole day.

If you are planning an event or visiting an exhibition, you can safely turn to the company "TransLyuks".

By the way, the next exhibition will be in August in Kubinka, if you plan to attend this event, then we are happy to cooperate with you.

The most convenient way is to conclude a contract for transport services, you will be a VIP passenger, and legal and financial issues will be taken up by our specialists.

  • Maintenance of the Patriot Park, Alabino 2017