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Toyota Camry is a business class car with an elegant and expressive design. A reliable and high-quality Japanese car is very popular among drivers. The five-seated sedan is very comfortable to drive and never fails. Excellent steering and seat adjustment, comfortable and pleasant interior. Among the advantages of the car "Toyota Camry" experts distinguish excellent overclocking performance, staffing with a good multimedia system, capacious trunk, excellent noise insulation. With it you can confidently go even to the most distant travel. Low operating costs, smooth movement, a high level of safety for the driver and passengers - the dignity of the Japanese car can be listed for a long time ...

Toyota Camry

If your property is not such a car, "Toyota Camry" hire with driver will help you see and feel all the advantages of a perfect business sedan.

Toyota Camry - a first class product of the Japanese auto industry. Turning to our company for the rental service "Toyota Camry" with the driver, you get a great car to travel in which a passenger - a real pleasure.

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Why is the model of "Toyota Camry" attracts motorists of different interests and occupations?

Here are some of the most important features and characteristics of the machine, due to which Toyota Camry rolled enjoyed unprecedented success among managers of medium and large businesses in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

Maximum speed - 210 km / h
The presence of the rear and side sun blinds
Classic elegant design
Support for Bluetooth wireless technology for telephone communication
Maximum ease of seats for passengers and the driver
Heated windscreen, protecting it from freezing even at very low temperatures
Heated seats

Based on all this, we can conclude that the "Toyota Camry" is specially designed for people who appreciate comfort and convenience on the road.

This car will never get lost in a traffic stream, it attracts the attention of not only youth, but also middle-aged people. The machine combines the aggressive and at the same time elegant appearance, unsurpassed management. These dynamic, comfortable, beautiful cars are some of the best deals of the Japanese auto industry in our market.

Rent cars TOYOTA CAMRY with the driver in "Translux"

Rent "Toyota Camry" with driver service is very popular in our time

In our company it bought for a variety of purposes: corporate cars, transfers, business trips, official cars for the company founder, and so forth..

All elements of the interior of the car underscore its high grade of comfort and technology.

SPECIAL OFFER Rental "Toyota Camry" with driver

Rent a "Toyota Camry" with a driver - then discover the possibility to obtain the maximum pleasure from the movement in the car business class. The vehicle interior is different large capacity, so car is suitable for trips with the whole family.

Availability of radio and air conditioning, comfortable seats make the ride on the machine this model, safe and enjoyable.

Order cars in Moscow
+7 (495) 649-07-59
Order cars in St. Petersburg
+7 (812) 649-07-59

Benefits of rent "Toyota Camry"

Renting a car Toyota Camry in "Translux", you get the following:

A stylish modern car, with which you can solve a number of tasks, from daily trips to the shops to the organization of a wedding convoy
Favorable conditions for cooperation in long-term car rental
Safe and comfortable ride - the car has all the conditions for the comfort of passengers and the driver, and security - one of the best among the same class cars

Rent a car "Toyota Camry" with the driver in our company and see for yourself in its universality. To order a car, please contact our operator by contact phone.

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