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Rent executive cars with driver in St. Petersburg


Rent executive cars with driver in St. Petersburg - is a service that exclusive category of gradually moving into the category of ordinary. Today, many people in the arts, politics and business, including big businessmen, showbiz stars and political figures used to move around, ordering a car with a professional driver. What is the reason for their choice and the main advantage of such services?

As a rule, cultural and business centers of the country - it is the city with heavy traffic and high traffic busy road. At peak hours in St. Petersburg is easy to fall into many kilometers cork and lose time waiting for the normalization of the traffic situation. Avoid this problem allows a good knowledge of the roads and travel options. "Translux" offers rental service VIP-car with a driver, has a staff of experienced drivers, who have great experience of driving and have the skills of road transportation in the busiest hours.

In addition, the rental car representative in St. Petersburg - the maximum guarantee of safety for the crew and all passengers. High security is ensured also because VIP-class car - this car mostly German manufacturers. For example «Mercedes S 221» and «Mercedes S 222», corresponding to high-class quality and service, which guarantees a high level of security, confirmed on crash tests.

There are a number of other reasons why you should use this service. Even if you take into account the fact that executive cars with a driver rent are somewhat more expensive than other classes, the degree of their respectability and the level of comfort will compensate your costs. They are especially important to rent when meeting with important clients or business partners is planned. A prestigious car will wait for you and your guests, and thanks to a spacious salon you can start a business conversation in the most comfortable surroundings. Also, the rental of prestigious transport is in demand for the meeting and transport support of foreign delegations. Such ceremonies include a solemn meeting of honorary guests at the airport and their further escort through the city.

Taking into account the high status of the most successful people, they sometimes get tired to drive a car yourself. To free yourself from having to drive a car, they bought car rental service with the crew. Also car rental service to help out in a situation where your car is temporarily unavailable for use, for example, it is in the shop for repairs or occupied by another family member.

Rent executive cars with driver in St. Petersburg from "Translux"

In the northern capital for rent VIP-class cars - a widely used transport services. Our company is available in different variations: on an hourly and long-term rentals as providing cars to perform a transfer, create a wedding procession and service corporate events.

We offer rent a car models such representation:

  • «Mercedes S 221»;
  • «Mercedes S 222»;
  • «Bentley Continental FS»;
  • «Toyota Land Cruiser 200».

The elegant look of these machines allows you to create the image of riding in them passengers, give them solidity. Beauty of these vehicles are made from high quality materials that give the interior an extra luxury.

To order a representative car with a driver in St. Petersburg is to provide yourself with the best transport both in terms of external data and in driving performance, as well as to receive high-quality service in the person of a professional personal chauffeur. We conduct a careful selection of drivers for VIP cars. Together with high-quality transport services, we offer VIP service at a low cost, which has attracted many regular customers.

Car "Translux» company is maintained in a neat and clean so that you can enjoy every trip in its entirety. We are also attentive to the maintenance of our vehicles in perfect technical condition, monitor the serviceability of all key systems, assemblies and components of vehicles.

Order Rent executive cars in St. Petersburg in our company to enjoy the benefits of modern services!

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