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Rental of new cars



Today rent new cars in Moscow and St. Petersburg is becoming more popular service. This is one of the most affordable and convenient way to address transport issues for both individuals and businesses.

We all sometimes have to deal with traffic problems: country trip, meeting guests, organizing weddings, shuttle service. Often, the only real way out in such situations is the hourly car rental. We also offer long-term lease, which is particularly suited to our regular customers. This is a more rational choice if you frequently visit the capital, or to companies that do not have their own vehicle fleet. "Translux" Company gladly become a reliable partner for any organization.

Rental of new cars. Benefits

Rent a car with a driver, you get rid of the problems of their own content transport, search for parking, technical inspection, drivers content. This way you can save money and do not bother of unnecessary trouble. Our experienced drivers know the location of the majority of the capital's streets and not get lost in the maze of the city. You will be transferred to the specified address on time.

Our fleet consists of cars of three classes - economy, business, executive - and minibuses.

It offers such well-known models, such as:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Viano, Sprinter Lux, V-Class, E 212, S222;
  • Ford Focus and Mondeo;
  • Renault Duster and Logan;
  • Mazda 6;
  • Skoda Octavia;
  • Nissan Teana;
  • BMW 5 and Long;
  • Toyota Camry and Land Cruiser 200;
  • Bentley Continental;
  • Hyundai Grand Starex.

This is not the whole range. We are constantly updating the fleet, which increases the range of vehicles offered.

Rent a car suggests agility, mobility and comfort. With our help you solve many traffic problems. Meet friends or partners at the airport business, arrange a wedding procession, to deliver important documents and more.

"Translux" Services. Rental of new cars

One of the priority services of our organization is a shuttle service to all airports in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Book transfer with us, you will no longer feel the inconvenience of public transport.

Encountering a dear guest or going on vacation, leaving for a business trip or returning from a trip, make a transfer to our company. There is no need to look for a free taxi or public transport to expect, our driver will meet you right in the waiting room and comfortably takes to the specified address. You will be expected with the name written on the label, which is very convenient.

One of the important events in our lives is considered to be a wedding. The event, which should be carefully considered and planned. Rent a car or van with a driver, you can create a beautiful wedding procession and comfortably deliver their guests. In addition to weddings, our machines can be used for romantic dates, corporate parties, avtoprogulok, newborn from the hospital meetings, trips to other cities, business trips.

"TransLux" is a well-known transport company that provides quality vehicle rental services with a driver. Working in the passenger transportation market for over 10 years, we were one of the first to offer services of this level in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It makes sense to recommend car rental to those who are not yet familiar with this service from "TransLux". We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the features and privileges of the service.

Let's start first of all with the conditions of cooperation. We provide cars for rent with a minimum order 3 hours. One hour to the time the order is added to the supply and return of the car in the car park. We also provide our services on the organization of transfers from / to the airport and train / station.

If you decide to rent a car in our company, think about what class and equipment it should be. The choice of rental cars in Translux company is very diverse, there really is a choice to choose from. To your attention are offered as budget options and VIP-class cars. 

No need to explain that the taxi to travel a long distance costs more financially and morally. An excellent alternative to a taxi will lease a new car with a driver having diplomacy, tact and with extensive experience in driving a car.

Workforce "Translux" are only qualified drivers who have passed a thorough preparation and selection.

Special attention in our company is paid to ensuring passenger safety. All the cars in time to pass MOT service and repair. These measures are carried out, not only to comply with formalities, but also in order to make you feel comfortable and confident using our services.

Rental of new cars with a driver - is the best option of road transportation solutions for the problems of the modern man who knows the value of money and especially appreciates the quality of service.

The price of services affects only time that you book car hire. In addition, the customer shall pay the parking fee and parking, if provided on the route.

Rental of vehicles with driver no longer a luxury, but a requirement dictated by a high pace of modern life. Tired of constantly be at the wheel, no driver's license or just want to go as a passenger? Now you have a wonderful opportunity to resolve all these problems.

For the service of renting vehicles with driver appeal not only private clients but also a variety of businesses that routinely invited investors and business partners. Besides all this, the company "Translux" functions as an escort. Many stars of show-business use of this service.

Book rental car with a driver, you can call us at contact phone number or filling out a form on our website.


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