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Car rental with driver in St. Petersburg


Today the car rental with driver in St. Petersburg in demand among a wide range of consumers. It may be business people, couples, students and tourists who are faced with the need to make use of a motor vehicle.

Car rental with crew is very popular among people who do not have a driver's license, or compelled to decide on the way business matters. Also, service is in demand in the organization of various celebrations and implementation of transfers to the airport.

Turning to the company "Translux" You will have cars with an experienced driver behind the wheel, owning skills of accident-free movement.

Car rental with driver in St. Petersburg in our company

now hire vehicle with a driver in great demand: the service order as those who do not have their own transport, as well as those who wish to unwind and relax.

  • The car in the northern capital, guests often rent the city, arrived to St. Petersburg for business or pleasure. Car rental with driver opens unlimited possibilities in freedom of movement: the machine is always at the disposal of the tenant, and a qualified driver who knows the surrounding area quickly deliver passengers to any place in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Renting a car with a driver in our company, you will be able to fully relax, without wasting time waiting for a taxi, and indulging in the use of alcohol.
  • Rent a car with a driver in demand among residents of St. Petersburg, who meet at the airport or at the station of their guests - relatives, friends, business partners. Unfortunately, not always it is possible to allocate time to meet the person dear to you. For the comfortable movement of your guests in St. Petersburg, we recommend booking a car with a driver in advance. If necessary, our driver will meet them at the platform or terminal with a nameplate in their hands.
  • Also, many Petersburgers refuse personal car, citing the high cost of its maintenance and excessively heavy traffic situation in the city. However, there are cases where no car simply can not do, and his hire with driver will solve the problems without wasting time and nerves at the wheel.
  • Car hire with driver relevant for special occasions such as weddings, corporate parties, holidays, etc. When the united company is going to have some fun, everyone wants to move around comfortably, but few people want to give up the fun and get behind the wheel. Not to argue over who would deliver friends home after a party, just rent a car with a driver.

With the rapid pace of modern life often there are situations in which it is impossible to do without a car. And, even if you have your own transport, sit down at his steering wheel is not always possible. In such situations, the vehicle rental service with a driver is simply irreplaceable.

Scroll through the pages of our online catalog, you are sure to find the best offers of hire and will be able to order a car, taking into account the goals.

The advantages of renting a car with driver in St. Petersburg:

  • no problems with the responsibility for the rented car;
  • qualified and competent drivers are well oriented in the city, so that ruled out the lack of time and guaranteed timely arrival to your destination;
  • for the safety of the vehicle meets the driver who is ready to help by performing additional customer orders (meeting guests, loading luggage and other.);
  • paperwork takes a minimum of time;
  • comfortable travel anywhere in the city, committing country trips at any time of the day;
  • it is very prestigious.

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