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Rent a car with driver (Savyelovskiy)


Rent a car with driver (Savyelovskiy) no longer a luxury but a necessity virtually every person who saves their time and money. This service allows you to quickly navigate and optimize your schedule. Its professional service gives everyone the company "Translux", which operates in the market of the capital for many years. Extensive experience allows us to develop customized and efficient service scheme.

Rent a car with a driver from "Translux"

For quick and easy navigation of Moscow best solution is to rent a car with the crew. This will solve a lot of problems. First of all, you do not need to get behind the wheel yourself. In a way, you can relax or conduct telephone conversations with partners. Another important factor is the orientation in the streets of the city, especially for newcomers. Our drivers know the great roads of the capital and the region, allowing you to choose the best route option.

Our regular customers have long understood that it is much more profitable to cooperate with us than to serve our own car. In support of these words, you can guide some calculations. Money to buy your own car will be enough to rent our cars with a driver for several years. In this case, you do not have to spend money on maintenance, parking, insurance and refueling. In addition, every day you can use different vehicles. It is worth noting that the rental price of our cars is practically the same as the prices for a city taxi, while the comfort and quality of service is many times higher.

Proudly "Translux" is a large and modern fleet, which is made up of modern foreign cars. We offer cars of customers, business and economy. In case of group trips the best option is to rent our comfortable minibuses.

The main advantages of our rental car with a driver in the area Savyelovskiy

  • A huge range of vehicles to satisfy the desires and possibilities of each client. Our staff will help you make the best choice.
  • We guarantee your safety on the road. This is not an empty statement, as you will be served by the drivers with many years of road management. Also worth noting is the reliability of the machines themselves. Despite the fact that you are provided with new vehicles, they undergo maintenance before each departure.
  • Cooperating with LLC "TransLux", you will be able to accurately plan every day, as we guarantee punctual movement. This is possible due to responsible drivers who choose the shortest routes. Having ordered a car, you can be 100% sure that it will be waiting for you at the place indicated by you at the agreed time.
  • Pricing policy is sufficiently democratic, due to which our services are used even housewives to travel for food or children in school.

We are always glad to new clients. The firm "TransLux" works with both individuals and large corporations. In any case, we use an individual and attentive approach, which allows us to take into account all wishes and develop the most beneficial service scheme for the customer. By renting a car for a long time, the client can count on a discount.

All residents Savyolovsky district have the opportunity to use our service, car rental with driver. To start cooperation enough to fill a simple online form on our website or implement a separate call. In any case, our consultants will answer all your questions about renting, and help you choose the best option of the car.

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