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Car rental with driver Rostokino


Do you have a business trip and should concentrate on business matters? Is a solemn event planned - a wedding, an anniversary or another memorable date? Need a transfer from the airport? In any of the above cases, and not only, the best solution to transport problems will be to rent a car with a driver.

Rostokino - an area in North-East of Moscow, where the service demand exceeds supply. In general, car rental services in Moscow offer a variety of companies, but to choose a responsible carrier, which will offer favorable conditions of rental vehicles is very difficult.

The company "Translux" is always ready to help you and provide a rental car with an experienced driver at an affordable cost.

Personal chauffeur will be waiting for you in advance at a specified place, will always be able to build the best route to your destination, since our company is a driver with great experience, who know the roads of the city and able to handle any situation that has arisen during the trip.

When booking a rental car with a driver in the Rostokino district, you can not worry about the serviceability of the vehicle, the problem with the traffic police or other unforeseen situations.

Car with private driver bought quite often, and the reasons for this can be called a set.

Rent a car advisable when planned:

  • Business trip. If you go on a business trip to another city, it is advisable to not go on a personal machine, and take the vehicle for hire with a driver at the place of arrival. Our driver perfectly oriented in road conditions and without any problems will be able to choose the best route, so you can make all the scheduled business in travel schedule.
  • Wedding, anniversary or other solemn event. To emphasize the high status of the holiday, it is important to provide it with quality transport services, and cars should not only be comfortable, but look beautiful. The format of solemn events implies the use of alcoholic beverages, which contradicts further plans for driving. A personal driver on a rented car will save you from problems with traffic policemen, safely and safely take you home after a noisy intoxication party.

Rent a car with driver (Rostokino) from "Translux"

Our company occupies a high position in the ranking of popular car rental operators in Moscow. Currently we can offer rent reliable cars of European, Japanese, Korean and American. After ordering the car in our transport company, you get the complete freedom of movement, save your time and money. All the cars are in the closed garage spaces, making them well-groomed appearance and excellent technical condition.

On our site contains prices for popular services - hourly rental car with driver, rent of wedding cars, airport transfers. Please note that in case of the order of long-term rental car with the crew, the cost of services is calculated on an individual basis, which allows the tenant to get a car with a driver for more favorable terms.

The car rental service is often used by those who arrived in Moscow from another city or country to visit their friends or relatives, or to resolve business issues. This gives them the opportunity to get unlimited freedom of movement, to avoid uncomfortable situations when they have to turn to familiar and unfamiliar people with a request for a “ride”.

Contact the company "Translux" and we will solve all the traffic problems in Moscow, the best way!

To order a rental car with a driver, please contact our manager by phone or send a request with the data for the feedback from the home page.


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