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Car rental with driver Ivanteyevka


Car rental with driver in Ivanteevka in our time is particularly popular service, since it is one of the most accessible and convenient ways to solve the transport problem for both individuals and businesses. "Translux" The company will be happy to be your reliable partner and friend, to provide you or your company vehicles.

Car hire with driver - is the main activity of our company. For all time of our work we have been able to accumulate a large experience in passenger transport, pick up the staff of professionals and create a fleet of reliable, comfortable and high-quality transport, in order to ensure its customers a high level of service.

Which means convenient car rental with driver in Ivanteyevka? For us, it is above all an opportunity to provide a wide choice of transport, the desire to go to meet the customer in all the moments of cooperation, striving to offer the best conditions for joint work. We quickly provide the selected car to be clean and in perfect technical condition.

Personal driver in "Translux" - is:

  • good orientation of the city;
  • a great driving experience;
  • neat appearance and clean it;
  • the ability to quickly make a decision in cases of force majeure.

Car rental with driver in Ivanteevka solves the following problems:

  • searching the storage location, namely parking overnight;
  • search for parking places;
  • the need to take care of the cleanliness and condition of the vehicle;
  • the stress associated with the complexity of urban mobility;
  • the need to go to the office for vehicle delivery.

Our services - is not just reasonable prices, efficiency, high comfort and safety. It is also a personal approach to customers, mutually beneficial terms of cooperation, taking into account your preferences and wishes, as well as providing a vehicle with a driver of any event, celebration or event. However, the company "Translux" made sure to make the order of the car can be quickly and simply. Our driver with a personal car - it's experienced staff, ensuring comfort and safety while driving.

The main advantages of "Translux":

  • good service;
  • a wide choice of modern cars of different classes, allowing to solve any problems;
  • personal driver with a car that is perfectly versed in Ivanteyevka on routes;
  • rent a car at a good price.

We are waiting for you transparent and favorable lease terms, a lot of surprises and a warm welcome. The main objective of the company - to provide high-quality service at competitive prices. The metropolis is important to know the value of time. We will help you save money, providing the car with an experienced driver on the first demand and just in time. Moreover, we offer several types of services. Often, our customers have a continuing need for private car and private driver, so we offer cooperation on the basis of the contract that will be even more beneficial.

Choice of "Translux" - the best option for those people who appreciate the quality / price ratio when choosing a provider.

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