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Car rental with driver Golovin


For free movement in Moscow or St. Petersburg necessarily have their own cars. Car rental with driver in Golovin and other areas of the capital makes it possible to comfortably move through the city. And there is no need for a checkup and maintenance. Ordering a vehicle rental service company "Translux" You get a serviceable and aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

In this park the most popular and sought after brands of cars that can meet the requirements of any client. As drivers we employ qualified and experienced people who are well-oriented on the city roads. You can easily carry out a meeting of business partners at the airport, quickly get to your destination, to make an impression. More unnecessary to worry about issues such as machine malfunction, congestion, availability of fuel in the tank, it will take care of our organization.

If you want to attend an event at which it will be possible to drink alcohol, do not deny yourself. Renting a car with a crew, there is no need to worry about someone who sits behind the wheel. Our drivers quickly, safely and comfortably delivered to the specified address. This service opens a lot of opportunities.

Rent a car with driver near Golovin

If you are planning a business meeting or negotiations with a potential partner, it is best to arrive at the meeting place at the prestigious car. This will already give a first impression of you. We provide ideal transport executive class. The appearance of such a machine have a positive impact on the image and raise credibility in the eyes of colleagues.

The advantages of treatment in our company:

  • a wide selection of vehicles;
  • vehicle rental with driver;
  • convenient and rapid order processing;
  • reliable and experienced drivers;
  • reasonable prices.

It is very easy to order a car rental service. It is enough to contact the manager at the specified phone number or place an online application and wait for a call back. You can independently choose any transport that suits you.

The company "Translux" is a leader in high-quality transport services. We provide many different services, among which are most in demand:

  1. Transport service commercial organizations. This service includes hourly rental car with a driver, a long-term rental, airport transfer, or vice versa, a comprehensive corporate services, and so on. D.
  2. Car rental for a wedding. Thanks to a wide selection of vehicles and affordable prices, we can choose the best modes of transport for the wedding cortege, starting from the groom's car and ending with a bus for the guests of the event. If you have any problems with the choice, we can suggest which cars will be in harmony with each other (by color, brand or combination of shades).
  3. Intercity Taxi. Unlike most transport organizations we have regulations restricting the movement of clients. If you need to make a long-distance trip (business trip, for business, etc.), but the possibility to sit down for personal vehicles do not have to contact us! Our experienced drivers will take you to the specified time, quickly and comfortably.
  4. Airport transfer. There is no need to wait long for a taxi or shake free public transport. With us you can easily and quickly get to the airport without any delay. Or conversely, our driver will meet you in the waiting room, holding a sign with your name. He will be able to safely drop off you at any point.
  5. Long term rental. This service is very beneficial for a variety of legal organizations and institutions, as there is no need for the content of private vehicles and have the opportunity to show competitors and partners their status. Long term rentals can increase the transport capacity of the company and get a car in the right quantity.
  6. Express delivery. Very convenient and practical service that allows guaranteed to deliver the goods required (documents, securities, a gift from a loved one) from point A to point B.

Transport company "Translux" autorolling offers quality services in all areas of Moscow. We have the most popular and sought after models in the car, always carry out their responsibilities and look forward to a long-term cooperation.

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