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Rent Premium Car in St. Petersburg


Among the many different cars, luxury cars are notable for their beauty, nobility, grace and comfort. Being in such a car, many passengers feel at the top of bliss. Not everyone can afford a luxury car, but today you can rent a premium car in St. Petersburg for each special occasion. 

Cause for celebration in our lives are not so much, so you can afford to shell out by renting representational car for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other important event. Rent a premium car perfectly suited to meet the honored guests at the airport or train station. Many businessmen and officials use the service rent VIP-class cars, because contain expensive car can not everyone, and to escort, to accompany or meet business partners need on decent cars.

Auto premium gives a feeling of luxury

Rental of luxury cars in St. Petersburg - it's a feeling of luxury and elegance in movement. Everyone lives emotions and feelings, so it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere around you to positive emotions were passed around, and remained in the memory only good memories of each day!

Comfort and prestige are the main advantages of renting a premium car in St. Petersburg. If the groom appreciates his status and image, then renting a VIP-class car is for him. Recently, car rental services have become very popular, which contributed to the growth in demand for high-end cars. By reserving a premium car for a wedding in advance, you can hold a celebration without any incidents. Ordering such a car for business trips also gives a lot of advantages, for example, you do not have to worry about the car's serviceability, its maintenance and insurance. You will always be sure of the serviceability of the vehicle and feel full safety on the road. The cars of the executive class are a good decision and the right choice!

If you want to order a luxury car with a driver, our company allows you to choose the appropriate option, without departing from the workplace or home computer.

We offer our customers a comfortable and profitable to lease such a model executive cars:

  • «Toyota Land Cruiser 200»;
  • «BMW 745 Long»;
  • «Audi A8»;
  • «Bentley Continental FS» and others.

The cost of rent premium cars, see this page.

Rental vehicles can be used to implement a variety of purposes. Rentals of premium cars in St. Petersburg - a very popular service that allows profitable and comfortably perform various tasks, in particular:

  • organization of a romantic walk around the city;
  • Business issues a decision (seeing and meeting business partners, travel tours);
  • layout of a wedding convoy;
  • other purposes.

Often the wedding season the couple bought-class vehicles to create a festive cortege. Formed cortege of cars of the same brand and model looks impressive and will be remembered not only the triumph of guests, but also the ordinary passers-by.

Luxury cars perfectly cope with the solution of business problems, since they allow to emphasize the business acumen and refined style of any businessman.

Regardless, for a specific purpose you needed a luxury car, in our company you will be able to choose the most suitable version of his hire.

How to use the lease premium car in St. Petersburg from "Translux"

Here you can rent a VIP-class vehicles with a driver. For this study presented on our site offer and choose the best of them. To book a car, please call our manager or send a request to order online.

If you are having difficulty with the choice of the model, we are sure to first of all start from the rental of problems rather than on personal taste. Also remember that. With the movement of the city must not only be fast, but also comfortable, so you should pay attention to the comfort of the passenger compartment of the rented car.

If you have trouble with the choice of the company's carrier read reviews about it, after all, only by comparing the rental prices in different autorolling firms, it is impossible to assess the level of care service.

Our company for more than a decade of its existence, has earned many accolades from customers, we are proud that our service advise their friends and acquaintances.

We guarantee that your cooperation with "Translux" is a convenient and mutually beneficial.

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