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Rent a car Butovo


Each person, one way or another, faced with the necessity of urgent operation of the vehicle, but was not possible for various reasons. The reasons may be different - booze, rush hour, breaking, lack of car ownership and the like. Previously, it was a huge problem, but now there are special companies that provide services for car rental in Butovo and in other parts of Moscow. Firm "Translux" can easily provide you with a car with driver on favorable terms.

Here you can rent cars of economy, business and executive class. As well as buses and minibuses. The whole fleet consists of new and constantly being tested. Spas are constantly well maintained and drivers are punctual and personable. Abroad, this convenient service has long been popular and enjoyed great success. Almost all our customers are already convinced of the benefit of large cooperation.

"Translux" carries car rental (Butovo) for the following purposes:

  1. Wedding cars. The wedding has always been an important event in the life of people, so it should be perfect. The important role played by the wedding procession throughout the organization. Especially for this reason our managers will offer you the most exquisite and attractive types of car brands. Except machinery bride and groom, we provide buses for the guests comfortably deliver them from the registry office in the restaurant. As the future married couple, you can choose any car that matches your theme.
  2. Transfer to the airport and back. We are happy to provide any form of transport for the transport of the client to the Moscow airports - Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo - as soon as possible. Also, if desired, can be carried out transfers from airport to hotel or any other point of the city. The main thing - to contact the office in advance. Our driver will wait for you with a sign in his hands with your data.
  3. Long term rental. Perfect for those people who have a car is vital every day. Such services are often used by corporations to transport essential workers. It is also quite convenient option movements in the event that your transport is broken and is on long-term repair.
  4. Express delivery. It is the perfect solution for transporting important documents or parcels. Also, if you want to surprise your family and friends, you can use express delivery from our company. You can be sure of timely delivery.
  5. Transport services for legal entities. This lease can be both an hourly and long-term. a complete package of services provided to legal entities for various types of discounted transport.

Using the internet in our company, you will be able to indulge in the feeling of first-class service. car rental cost depends on the brand, type and rental period. We offer a huge selection of vehicles at affordable prices.

Quite often there are situations when personal transport is under repair, and in connection with work and family circumstances, urgent movement is necessary in a megacity. In this situation, you should take advantage of our service - rent a car in Butovo and other areas of Moscow. Our consultant will help you choose the right car for any purpose: business meeting, a small trip out of town, courier delivery, a joint trip to another part of the city, anything within the MKAD. The main advantage is that you do not even need to drive, as we provide the driver.

This type of service has long been practiced abroad and only recently started to gain popularity in our country. Our company "Translux" is one of the first in Moscow, who began offering rental cars. We have managed to combine the all types of passenger transport by car. Now it is enough to contact us, to apply, draw up a contract and enjoy the safe transportation in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Providing quality and value-added services company, "Translux"

  1. Before you place an order for rent, a potential client can get acquainted with the proposals of the company and find out what services are available and how much it will cost.
  2. All consultations are free, considerate and informative. When the need or lack of understanding of what is bound to ask again.
  3. Regardless of the class of cars all salons are always well-groomed and professional drivers carry out their duties.
  4. A wide range of services.
  5. The Company offers three classes of vehicles: VIP, executive and budget. This allows you to work with all categories of the population for any purpose. Availability of buses and minibuses allows mass transportation, airport transfers and corporate travel.
  6. Cost of Service democratic and fully meets their quality. More detailed price list prices and lease terms can be found on the company's website or by contacting the manager.
  7. The high level of services and responsibilities has helped the company become one of the best.

The cost of renting a car in Butovo and in other parts of Moscow. Whether there is a cheap rental?

As practice shows, quality depends on the cost of the service, but our company has proved that it is not so. Many organizations try to squeeze the maximum out of the client for ordinary or inefficient services. Thus, they not only discourage customers from becoming permanent, but in general rent cars. We, on the contrary, purposefully try to acquire permanent customers who would be satisfied. Thanks to this policy, many of our clients already include many well-known companies and corporations. With some, we signed a long-term cooperation agreement.

Another advantage lies in the hourly rate, not kilometers. Already many people have managed to ensure that this approach is more economical.

It should be understood that renting a car is the main specialization. Therefore, we try to fulfill it at the highest level. Three classes of cars will solve many of your problems and force majeure. For example, you need to meet an important person (actor, celebrity, official, potential business partner) at the airport, and your own transport, as luck would have it, broke down. What to do in this situation? The most correct decision is to apply to "TransLux" and rent a VIP-class car with a driver who will perform a transfer from the airport to anywhere in the city. A similar situation can arise with urgent courier delivery of important documents. Why long puzzled over these problems, if you can completely trust us, and the parcel will come at the right time. Or, maybe, you have a wedding, and how and from what wedding cortege to organize, you do not know? Especially for such situations, we have provided everything.

So any experience any problems with a rental car in Butovo or other areas of Moscow, no need to panic. Please contact us and we will help you solve any problems.

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