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Car hire in St. Petersburg, price


Authoritative rental company "Translux" offers the service "car rental in St. Petersburg." Rental Price is available for different segments of the population level. We have long been working in the passenger transport segment, offering customers foreign rental vehicles of different classes of comfort. It is through the quality service our clients of the company managed to get a lot of thanks and be awarded "Enterprise of the Year-2015» national award.

Our car park is arranged vehicles imported, which are of high quality and reliability. Due to the order of the car business or executive class, you can underline their status at any meeting with business partners, and the presence of a personal driver will contribute to the creation of the image of a successful person.

Rent a car with a crew can be in advance, and sign documents on it - at any time. This is especially true when you arrive in the northern capital by plane and do not want to overcome the road from the airport to your destination (hotel, business center) by public transport or taxi. Depending on the purpose of hire and your financial possibilities, we offer different models of vehicles.

Car hire in St. Petersburg: the price of the "Translux"

The popularity of the car rental service with a driver is gaining momentum every year. The favorable price / quality ratio of services meets the needs of a wide range of consumers - citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners. The time when car rental with a crew was available only to high-ranking officials and businessmen is long gone. Today such services are used, even for

to pick up children from kindergarten or school. Price rental car with a driver is not much different from the urban taxi fares, and for long-term use of cost even cheaper. At the same time the safety and comfort of our customers on the road are always at the maximum level. Using vehicles from "Translux", you can be sure it is working properly and the professionalism of the driver. The driver thoroughly knows the roads of the city and the road does not distract the customer "empty" talk.

We are ready to apply your chosen car model in the shortest possible timeframe. To order, are available as options for short-term rentals (from 4-hours) and long (more than a day). Sophisticated pricing policy ensures access to services for most consumers. To see the catalog of our company cars go at this link.

But rent a car in St. Petersburg from "Translux" beneficial not only to the financial aspect, but also the fact that you have at your disposal a professional driver. In turn, this means a lot of advantages:

  • You do not need to spend their time to take the car to the rental and take her to the same;
  • You can even rent a car without a driver's license and driving experience;
  • at festive events, parties or meetings with friends, you can not deny yourself in the use of alcohol, because you always bring home a sober personal driver;
  • our crews a long time serving customers and know Peter junction that allows a trip on optimal route.

Many individuals and companies order car rental in St. Petersburg, because the price is much cheaper than purchasing and maintaining a personal vehicle. And this is true: calculate how much you need to invest in buying a car and a garage (renting a parking space). And during operation, you will have to regularly spend money on the purchase of fuel and consumables, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc. The benefits of renting a car with a driver are obvious.

Benefits of Car Rental in St. Petersburg from "Translux"

  • Available to order passenger cars economy class, business and executive, as well as minibuses. All vehicles are in perfect technical and visual condition.
  • Availability of machines in the day of order, and the customer must specify the time and place of delivery cars.
  • Order any service in our company by phone or online.
  • The ability to pay for services in any convenient way for you.
  • Registration of lease documents of the vehicle with a driver takes a minimum of time.
  • As part of the Privacy Policy, we practice the use of the loyalty system, due to the existence of which our regular customers use the services on the most favorable terms.
  • Long-term car rental with driver is provided with a good discount to the cost of services.

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